What are the Different Home Cures for Psoriasis?

R. Britton

There are a large number of different home cures for psoriasis but not all remedies will work for everyone. A variety of prescribed medications are also available, but many of these are of limited use and have very unpleasant side effects. Similar to prescribed medications, home cures for psoriasis will work differently for each individual. Often it is the simplest home remedies that have the most positive outcome.

Managing diet and sunlight exposure are examples of psoriasis home cures.
Managing diet and sunlight exposure are examples of psoriasis home cures.

Psoriasis is essentially a condition where the body produces far too many skin cells too quickly. In severe cases, the affected areas split and bleed causing significant pain. The severity of this condition varies hugely from small, insignificant, isolated areas to painful patches covering large portions of the body. Prescribed medication, whether in tablet or external ointment form, is not always particularly effective and can have potentially serious side effects. This is one of the main reasons people choose home cures for psoriasis.

A sufferer needs to learn what triggers the appearance of psoriasis or what factors make the symptoms worse. The triggers are different for each person, but commonly include excessive caffeine, alcohol, stress, and a variety of foods including chocolate or dairy products. Some skin products, such as creams, lotions or washes, laundry products, and household cleaners can act as triggers. The combination of identifying and avoiding items which aggravate the condition can be one of the simplest and often most effective home cures for psoriasis.

Certain food items such as rice and broccoli have been reported to reduce and improve psoriasis in many people. Another simple home cure for psoriasis is to incorporate these beneficial foods into the diet on a more regular basis. Many sufferers have reported that some oils, such as coconut oil and cashew nut oil, are very useful when included in the diet as a home cure for psoriasis. These oils can also be rubbed directly into the affected areas and added to bath or wash water. It is recommended to rub the oils into the psoriasis three times each day; improvement should begin to occur within two weeks.

Another of the home cures for psoriasis is to take advantage of warm, sunny weather, and if possible expose the psoriasis to sunlight. Sunlight has been used to treat psoriasis and certain other skin conditions for centuries, but UV light box therapies are often very expensive and must be repeated on a regular basis. All normal sun protection advice should be followed; exposing the psoriasis to sunlight regularly will often reduce the size of the affected area and relieve painful symptoms.

In general, experimentation to a find a combination of home remedies that works for each individual is the key. Patience is also important. Most home cures for psoriasis will take a number of weeks to produce significant improvements.

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