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What are the Different Food Scientist Jobs?

Britt Archer
Britt Archer

Food science is a broad field that many people don't even know exists. Food scientists work in all aspects of food production, from the animals and plants that produce food, to the quality and nutritional value of the finished food products. Food scientist jobs are exist in both the field of life sciences and nutrition science.

Education required to obtain a food scientist job includes higher education, usually from two to four years. Some individuals may choose to pursue a longer course of education within their chosen field. Some food scientists work for eight or more years pursuing the education needed to work as a food scientist.

Food scientists perform research in laboratories.
Food scientists perform research in laboratories.

There are 12 main sub-areas of food scientist jobs. Food safety focuses on dealing with, preventing and finding the cause for foodborne illnesses. Veterinary food science involves the treatment and care of livestock animals responsible for producing meat or dairy. Microbiology discovers the relationships between microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, and food. Preservation food scientist jobs work toward improving the way food is stored.

Food science is a broad field.
Food science is a broad field.

Food engineering scientists work to improve the way food is processed and manufactured, while product developers invent new food items. Sensory analysts work to improve the quality and taste of food, while food chemists analyze the molecular interactions in food and the digestion of food. Food packaging scientists study the effectiveness of packaging, while food technologists work on new ways of involving rapidly changing technology in food science.

Food physicists work to improve and study the physical aspects of food. Molecular gastronomists focus on the scientific investigation of cooking and the way food is processed within the body. All of these and more are within the scope of food scientist jobs, making it hard to use a blanket statement to classify a food scientist job description.

There are a number of organizations devoted to food science and its many facets. Food scientist jobs may be found by contacting these trade organizations, or by reading their publications. Other ways to find a food scientist job include going through local government, schools or private companies advertising a need for food scientists.

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    • Food scientists perform research in laboratories.
      By: kasto
      Food scientists perform research in laboratories.
    • Food science is a broad field.
      By: Monika Wisniewska
      Food science is a broad field.