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What are the Different Education Coordinator Jobs?

Kasey James
Kasey James

There are many different education coordinator jobs. Some coordinators work in the school systems as a general education coordinator or as a special education coordinator. There are also education coordinator jobs in museums and private businesses. Health education coordinator jobs are found among the medical field in a variety of organizations. These positions usually require people to have specific skills and education.

School systems often employ general education coordinators to help run special academic programs in the school. The coordinators will set up remedial reading or math programs to help students who are falling behind. They might also help with before- and after-school programs. An education coordinator may collaborate with the school teachers to be sure that lessons are providing appropriate instruction for the students.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Many schools have special education coordinator jobs. These positions are often designed for people who have a special education teaching background. The special education coordinator will work with special education students, parents, and the teachers. They will meet with the special education team to be sure each student is being serviced correctly. These coordinators may help with planning goals for the special education students.

Museums sometimes use education coordinators to help plan special events, school field trip programs, and classes that are held at the museum. The special events at a museum can include summer camps for kids. The coordinator will plan lessons and structured play ideas for the camp. The coordinator may also work with museum staff on special projects.

There are some education coordinator jobs at private companies. The coordinator should have experience in both general business and adult education for this position. The coordinator is usually responsible for handling on-the-job training seminars, creating work manuals, and assisting new employees.

Health education coordinator jobs are found in hospitals and other medical centers. Some coordinators will lead a team of medical staff such as a group of nurses. They will teach new medical procedures to the staff and educate them on new medical findings. Health education coordinators can also work for non-profit organizations or schools. They often focus on nutrition, exercise, and healthy living.

Education coordinator jobs can be a solid field for people with the right skills and education. A person trying to get into this field should have a bachelor's degree from a college or university or past experience. The person should be comfortable with writing and teaching using a curriculum. A background with teaching experience would also help someone interested in an education coordinator position.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips