What are the Different Doxazosin Side Effects?

Lauren Romano

Doxazosin is the generic version of the medication Cardura and its intended use is mainly to treat enlarged prostates in men and high blood pressure. Before taking the medication, it's important to learn about the side effects, which range from the common and mild to the uncommon and severe. Doxazosin side effects can happen in several areas of the body and may include sleepiness, swelling, skin issues, breathing problems and a painful erection.

Hives may indicate a medication allergy.
Hives may indicate a medication allergy.

Some of the more serious doxazosin side effects affect the skin. Having severely itchy skin or a rash or hives indicates a high possibility of an allergic reaction to the medication. Seek medical help immediately upon noticing any of these reactions.

Doxazosin is often used to treat enlarged prostates in men.
Doxazosin is often used to treat enlarged prostates in men.

Two doxazosin side effects involve sexual health. One is a lower sex drive; the other is having a prolonged, very painful erection that could last several hours. Should either of these side effects occur, contact a doctor immediately.

Although the patient can experience side effects at any point while using the medication, certain ones may be amplified when first starting doxazosin or when there is a change in dose. During these occasions, avoid driving a car, doing any dangerous activity or operating heavy machinery, because three of the common doxazosin side effects are feeling dizzy, sleepy or extremely fatigued. When getting up from a seated or lying position, move slowly to avoid getting lightheaded and experiencing a fall.

Additional common doxazosin side effects include weight gain and a stuffy nose. The more serious side effects, which may be an indication of a problem, include swelling in the limbs, difficulty breathing, chest pain and having an abnormal heartbeat. If taking additional medications, tell the doctor before taking doxazosin to avoid any problems that stem from a bad interaction.

Even if a side effect is considered common among patients, it's vital to inform a doctor if it becomes severe or continues for an extended period of time. It's equally important to tell a doctor as soon as any serious symptoms occur even once. To keep track of how your body reacts to taking doxazosin, keep a daily record of all side effects no matter how insignificant they may seem. Before starting doxazosin, read the information thoroughly that the pharmacy provides and be sure to understand all of the doctor's specific instructions.

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