What are the Different Diagnostic Medical Sonography Jobs?

Erin Oxendine

A diagnostic medical sonographer uses an ultrasound machine to take pictures of various parts of the human body. This process is performed to check abnormalities in the organs, analyze vascular conditions and assist surgeons with biopsies. There are different diagnostic medical sonography jobs including echocardio technologists and ultrasound technicians.

Sonographers use devices that emit ultrasounds to monitor the condition of a patient's internal organs.
Sonographers use devices that emit ultrasounds to monitor the condition of a patient's internal organs.

One of the diagnostic medical sonography jobs available is an obstetric and gynecologic sonographer. This sonographer works in the field of obstetrics and gynecology using specialized ultrasound equipment to take pictures of a female’s reproductive system. The technicians perform sonograms to visualize pregnancies, tumors and cysts, and fertility problems. A gynecologic sonographer can also detect endometriosis and chromosomal abnormalities.

Neurosonographers have another kind of the many diagnostic medical sonography jobs. These technicians analyze the nervous system and neurological functions including the blood vessels and the brain. They use sonography frequencies and waves to study how fast the blood moves which allows them to notice abnormalities in the body. Infants especially benefit from neurosonographers because of the improved neonatal care.

Breast sonographers study breast disease and conduct diagnostic testing. Breast sonograms are helpful because a sonogram machine can reach more areas of the breast than a regular mammogram machine. This is necessary to check for changes in breast tissue linked to cancer, fibroids and other breast conditions. If doctors find a lump, the breast sonographer can assist the doctor in further evaluating the lump as opposed to having to perform a biopsy.

Echocardiography is one of the more involved diagnostic medical sonography jobs, dealing with the cardiovascular system. The echocardio sonographer uses an ultrasound to examine the heart as well as the muscles and ventricles surrounding the heart. Another duty this professional has is collecting cardiac data from the patient while administering the test and reporting it to the cardiologist.

People who work in one of these diagnostic medical sonography jobs must have taken sonography classes from a technical school or community college. The person’s degree should relate to the medical area that the student wants to work in, such as neonatal or cardiovascular sonography. Hospitals and diagnostic facilities usually prefer to hire a person who has experience in the area as well. Individuals can get hands-on experience using the sonogram machines by working as in interns while in school. Some of the places that have diagnostic medical sonography jobs are hospitals, doctor’s offices, outpatient clinics and long-term rehabilitation centers.

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