What are the Different Corporate Wellness Jobs?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Corporate wellness is a term that is used to refer to programs offered by employers that focus on environmental, educational, and organizational elements designed to promote the health of employees in and out of the workplace. Because of the wide scope that this type of health promotion encompasses, there are a number of corporate wellness jobs that are necessary in order to accomplish the goals of such a program.


One of the more common corporate wellness jobs is that of the corporate wellness coordinator. This is a position that is often associated with the Human Resources section of a company. The coordinator is sometimes charged with the creation and implementation of safety processes and procedures relevant to the business sites operated by the corporation, and making sure they are observed. Coordinators are also involved in the evaluation and selection of vendors to supply employees with health coverage of different types, such as hospitalization, physician care, dental plans, and eye care.

It is not unusual for businesses that operate with at least a hundred employees at one site to employ the services of a corporate nurse. The nurse is sometimes the anchor of a wellness program, providing on the-spot medical assistance for employees who may feel a cold coming on or who sustain some sort of injury on the job. Nurses of this type may be called upon to arrange for more aggressive treatment if the situation calls for a visit to a doctor or transportation to a hospital or other health facility. Nurses who fulfill corporate wellness jobs of this kind are also likely to schedule and conduct periodic health checks on all employees, such as hearing examinations.

Environmental officers are also a common example of corporate wellness jobs. Professionals in this capacity are likely to focus on the physical aspects of the business operation, making sure that workspaces are environmentally safe for the employees who work there. In some cases, this means the removal of toxic elements from the site altogether. At other times, the process involves ensuring that adequate protections are provided for employees that must work in close proximity to chemicals and other materials that could have an adverse effect on their physical health.

Employee wellness trainers are one of the front line positions in the family of corporate wellness jobs. Trainers are the ones who handle the educational process with employees, making sure they understand the reasons behind various safety regulations and procedures. In some companies, new employees cannot assume their responsibilities until the wellness trainer is convinced he or she has a thorough understanding of all safety regulations and processes relevant to the department or area where the employee will work.

These and other corporate wellness jobs have become more common due to the desire of employers to keep insurance costs low and to also provide a work environment that encourages employees to remain with the company for the long term. Depending on the country of origin, corporate wellness incentives and education may also lead to tax breaks for the business as well as prove helpful in recruiting and public relations efforts, since the company can point to its dedication to being a safe environment for people to work.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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