What Are the Common Types of Front Office Responsibilities?

Osmand Vitez

Front office responsibilities are common in companies that have a department that interacts with the general public in some way. Many types of companies have a front office, with the most common organizations being medical offices, hotels, retail stores, and similar companies. The common types of front office responsibilities come down to employee positions. These positions include desk clerks, customer service agents, security workers, and managers.

A front desk clerk in a hotel may receive payments from guests, assign rooms and answer any questions a guest may have.
A front desk clerk in a hotel may receive payments from guests, assign rooms and answer any questions a guest may have.

Desk clerks typically handle a client’s paperwork for a single transaction. For example, when a patient comes into a doctor’s office, the desk clerk has the patient fill out paperwork regarding the visit and insurance or other form of payment. The clerks also make phone calls, handle small orders for supplies and other items, and work on schedules with other staff. In most cases, these front office responsibilities are not difficult, simply repetitive. Detail is important in order to not mix up information when entering it into the organization’s computer system.

Customer service agents represent another type of administrative position that is not heavy on major responsibilities. In most cases, customer service front office responsibilities may either be conducted over the phone or through some other medium. The duties here allow a company to use customer service agents in order to glean feedback from customers. Information received here allows a company to measure its efficiency and effectiveness when completing operations. Most customer service agents work with the general public on a daily basis.

All companies typically have some type of security to protect their premises. The security workers may either be actual employees of the company or an outsourced group of workers. Security workers monitor products and different departments to ensure customers or workers do not abuse the company’s resources. In many cases, the company has both a security office and positions where workers must be able to observe physical locations. The needs of the company create the levels of security in the organization.

Front office managers are the overseers of all the various front office responsibilities. This position ensures enough workers are available at all times to handle the customers or clients that come into a company’s place of business. These individuals also handle disputes or complaints with customers. The front office manager may also report to upper management. The purpose of this position is to maintain order and compliance with the company’s rules.

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