What are the Common Liposuction Complications?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Some amount of bruising usually occurs after liposuction.
Some amount of bruising usually occurs after liposuction.

Most liposuction complications are not unique to this type of procedure, as any kind of surgery can cause them. For example, both infection and a negative reaction to the anesthesia can occur with nearly any operation. Blood clots and excessive bleeding are also some liposuction risks that are not limited to this procedure. Other liposuction complications may only affect the skin, such as damage to the tissue or nerves, causing either necrosis or numbness in the affected area. Fortunately, most other possible complications of this procedure are considered less serious, such as scarring, bruising, and lumpy or discolored skin.

Some liposuction complications may not be limited to this procedure, but they are serious and even life-threatening. For example, one major risk of surgery is infection, which may occur either during or after the procedure. If it is not noticed and treated early, it can spread from the incision site to the rest of the body, eventually resulting in death in the most extreme cases. Of course, excessive bleeding that is not stopped soon after the surgery, as well as blood clots, can also lead to loss of life, though these issues are frequently detected before major consequences occur. Finally, since this surgery often requires general anesthesia, there is a chance of allergic reaction in some patients.

The skin is often affected due to the incision that liposuction requires, as any time the skin is cut, there is a chance of complication. Ultrasonic liposuction, in particular, poses a risk since the ultrasonic energy tends to singe the skin's blood vessels, often also burning the skin's surface. This typically results in necrosis, or tissue death, which can also lead to infection. Other liposuction complications affect the skin, too, such as nerve damage, which may result in numbness. This loss of sensation may disappear shortly after surgery, but patients should be prepared for permanent nerve damage since it is a possibility with this operation.

There are other liposuction complications that affect the skin, but they are typically considered either temporary or minor. For instance, patients should typically expect bruising just after the procedure, often followed by scarring. While the bruises might disappear shortly, the scar will likely remain for life. Of course, most doctors attempt to make the incision as small and discreet as possible, but it may still leave a noticeable mark on the skin. Additionally, the skin may end up looking lumpy or slightly discolored after the surgery, sometimes requiring another procedure to fix the issue.

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    • Some amount of bruising usually occurs after liposuction.
      Some amount of bruising usually occurs after liposuction.