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What Are the Best Tips to Deal with Financial Problems?

E. Reeder
E. Reeder

People who have financial problems can try any number of things to improve their situation. They can increase their income, reduce the amount of money they spend on nonessential items or services, try to get their creditors to lower their monthly payments or work with a credit counselor. In general, the more that people are willing to work at reducing their debt, even if that means giving up some of their fun or luxury expenditures, the more success they will have.

One way of trying to combat debt is by increasing income through various means. This could mean that some or all adult members of the household try to gain more hours at work if they are hourly employees, begin working a second job part-time or start advertising to gain more customers for those who are self-employed. A person in this situation could also apply for a higher-paying job that matched his or her experience and skills.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Reducing the amount of money they spend on nonessential items or services is another method that might help people who have financial problems. When money is less than abundant, people can cut back on going out to eat in favor of cooking at home, forgo going to the movies and wait to undertake nonessential projects such as landscaping. They also should analyze their monthly expenses and the amount of money coming in to see what they can keep and what they can give up, which might include nonessential services such as cable television. There are several computer programs available that can help people track their debits and credits.

After expenses and bills that must be paid are kept track of, people can then decide to develop a monthly budget. After looking at their monthly bills, they might decide that they can spend a certain amount of money on entertainment and going out to eat as well as a set amount of money per month on groceries. They might also decide to save a certain amount of money per month, even if it is only a small amount at first, for unexpected emergencies. It will require dedication and discipline to stick to a monthly budget, but it can be a way to begin cutting down on debt.

When people have financial problems, trying to get their creditors to lower their monthly payments can be a good idea as well. Speaking with the company through which they have their car payment to see if the interest rate can be reduced or if they are eligible for financial hardship refinancing might be an option. If they are homeowners, they might need to go to their bank or financial institution to lower the house payment by refinancing. This might include having their home reappraised. Refinancing a home can be especially useful if people are in danger of foreclosure.

If they are tenants who pay rent, they might need to move to a place that charges less for rent, if necessary. This is because monthly rent typically is nonnegotiable. For a large bill that they are having trouble paying, setting up a reasonable payment plan with creditors might be advisable.

Working with a credit counselor is one more way that people with financial problems can improve their situation. This might be especially true for people who do not have experience in dealing with financial hardships. A credit counselor can help them objectively look at their budget and income to make necessary decisions.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip