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What are the Best Tips for Toning up?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

A toned body generally makes a person look better. However, toning up can also make a person feel better and can promote long-term healthy habits. Many people would like to be more fit, but they overestimate the effort that is required or decide it is useless because of failed attempts in the past. Some things that can help a person meet her goals of toning up are a change in diet, maintaining consistent exercise habits, and having realistic expectations.

Many people approach toning in the same way they would approach muscle building. Although in many cases the same exercises can be used, some differentiation is in order. To begin with, when a person is toning up, she does not need to use weights that are as heavy as those she would use when muscle building. Another difference is that the best toning results tend to be seen when a person does more repetitions per set than she would when she has other fitness goals.

Toning the body requires a focus on both diet and exercise.
Toning the body requires a focus on both diet and exercise.

For many people, toning up requires a change in eating habits. A person does not tone fat, she tones muscle. Muscle, however, lies beneath fat. Therefore, if a person is not lean enough for her muscles to be observed, she cannot expect to see results of her toning.

To eat right and exercise properly, it is a good idea to utilize the services of a personal trainer. For many people, this may raise concerns about the associated costs. However, a person does not necessarily need to regularly work with a personal trainer. When a person wants to keep her body healthy, periodic visits with a medical professional are usually sufficient. Likewise, when a person wants her body to be fit, periodic appointments with a personal trainer should be sufficient.

Commonly, one of the easiest yet most difficult parts of toning up is actually doing it. Getting the body in shape requires commitment and dedication. Many people consider the best ways to achieve their goals, yet they never get started toward them. Others get motivated and begin, but they quickly lose their resolve and quit.

Another thing to remember is that toning up takes time. People often expect dramatic results in a short period. Being unrealistic about progress in a given time period can sabotage a person’s efforts.

When people dread the exercises they engage in, they also increase the chances of sabotaging their efforts. Almost all muscle groups can be toned in more than one way. This means a person should not feel restricted to one or two exercises she hates. To add variety, people can engage in circuit training, follow in-home exercise routines such as Pilates, or participate in a variety of fitness classes.

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    • Toning the body requires a focus on both diet and exercise.
      By: Creativa
      Toning the body requires a focus on both diet and exercise.