What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Middle School Mathematics?

N. Madison

For many teachers, teaching middle school mathematics may prove a challenge, especially when some of the students dislike math or find it boring. A teacher's job may become easier, however, when he follows tips for making math interesting and incorporating fun activities into traditional lessons. Often, good tips also include suggestions for having students help each other, such as through group problem-solving and other activities. In some cases, it may even prove helpful to ask an advanced student to help a struggling student gain a better grasp of a math topic.

Middle school students.
Middle school students.

One of the most important tips for teaching middle school mathematics is to make the class as interesting as possible. While some students may have a natural love of math topics, others may consider math work boring or drudgery. Unfortunately, a student may prove less likely to do well in a subject if he does not find it interesting. To keep things interesting, a teacher may do well to take a number of different approaches to teaching math. For example, in addition to textbooks and workbooks, a teacher may do well to provide opportunities for students to apply math concepts in the real world, which may help students better understand how math is important for everyday life.

Often, children retain more of the information they learn when a teacher makes learning fun. As such, one of the best tips for teaching middle school mathematics involves incorporating fun into the classroom. When this is done well, students may not even realize they are learning because they are having so much fun. There are many math games a teacher can introduce into the classroom, including board and video games, and he could create games of his own as well. Friendly math competitions and simulated stores and banks may also prove helpful.

A teacher can also help his students by creating an atmosphere of group learning. For example, some tips for teaching middle school mathematics involve encouraging students to work together on solving some types of problems or creating activities that help students develop teamwork skills in addition to math abilities. Additionally, a teacher may do well to encourage an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable helping each other with difficult concepts. For example, a student who has mastered a math topic may help a student who is still struggling with it. This not only can help the student who is struggling, but may also help the student who has mastered the topic to gain an even firmer grasp of it.

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