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What are the Best Tips for Studying Psychology?

Lori Smith
Lori Smith

One of the best tips for students who are studying psychology is to take careful notes during classroom lectures and refer to them often. There is a lot of terminology that professors usually include on exams, so it is important to learn it. Without a solid understanding of the lingo, it is difficult to ascertain the meaning of various psychological conditions. For optimum success, also students should devote one hour or more each day to uninterrupted study time. Physical preparation, such as getting enough sleep, may be equally as important as studying before an exam.

Students who work or have other responsibilities may find it difficult to devote enough time to studying psychology. To make it easier, one can invest in a small tape recorder and record meaningful study materials in a question and answer format. For example, a student can speak a term or potential test question into the microphone. After a short pause, he can then record the correct answer or definition.

Getting enough sleep may be as important as studying before an exam.
Getting enough sleep may be as important as studying before an exam.

Later, students can listen to the audio material. When a question is played, the individual can pause the recording to think about the answer. When the play button is hit again, the correct response will be announced. This is a great way for students to test their progress and knowledge when studying psychology.

Sometimes, students are unsure about the type of materials that will be covered in an upcoming exam. In these cases, it is a good idea to pay special attention to various areas of assigned textbooks. These generally include highlighted boxes or sidebar notes, which emphasize particular points that are usually significant to the subject matter. Professors frequently quiz their students on the key terms outlined in reading materials, so it is important to pay attention to them when studying psychology.

To minimize distraction, students should study in a quiet place. The television should be turned off. For those who enjoy listening to music while studying psychology, soft background tunes are usually best. Consider instrumental selections that do not contain lyrics.

Students should also turn off cellular phones while studying psychology. For many people, the temptation to chat with friends or respond to text messages is overwhelming. Silencing electronic devices may help students concentrate on the task. Checking emails or performing other activities that may hinder concentration and focus should also be avoided during study time.

To make sure that hard work pays off, students should resist the temptation to party with friends or stay up late on the night before an exam. Students should be well-rested and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning as well. This helps to concentrate under pressure. One also should avoid consuming greasy foods that might cause bloating or discomfort during an exam. Since caffeine makes some people jittery, ingesting too much of it is also ill-advised.

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    • Getting enough sleep may be as important as studying before an exam.
      By: badmanproduction
      Getting enough sleep may be as important as studying before an exam.