What Are the Best Tips for Setting Management Career Goals?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Researching your work objectives and the industry in which you hope to take on greater managerial responsibility may help you in setting management career goals. Find out the educational requirements of the management career you want as well as any other credentials or certification you need. Conducting informational interviews with managers working in jobs that fit in with your future career goals is often a good idea. Not only is doing this likely to provide you with ideas in getting what you want, but it may also give you industry contacts or mentors.

Building relationships with other managers in your field can be a valuable asset to have, as you never know what job opportunities may open up in the future. Interviewing these managers will probably provide you with information relevant to your exact management career goals. You may want to research all of the possible workplaces within the geographical area of where you hope to work. While it's also important to do wider research, information that applies to just your local area can be invaluable in helping you decide where to apply for work and what types of education to consider.

Academic goals are typically important in preparing for a management career. Researching your options far enough ahead is likely to help you make financial and scheduling arrangements. Also keep in mind that many businesses and corporations pay for classes relevant to your management career goals if you're planning on growing with the company. Some types of business classes such as seminars sponsored by corporations may even be free. Consider online classes if you have the self-discipline and would be better able to fit these into your schedule.

Once you've done all the research and informational interviews you can, it's often much easier to set accurate goals for the career you hope to have in management. Use what you've learned to form a probable career path, although create this with the understanding that you may need to implement adjustments or account for unexpected changes along the way. For instance, you should make specific management career goals that are achievable within a certain set date. If you end up needing more time to reach a goal, or find that you'll need to change the details or achievement date, making the necessary adjustments is usually easy as long as you maintain a flexible, yet driven attitude.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip