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What Are the Best Tips for Selling Paintings Online?

Henry Gaudet
Henry Gaudet

Successfully selling paintings online, much like sales in a gallery or shop, requires a good venue where customers can find and visualize what they are looking for and make purchases with ease. The seller may market a painting on an existing website or create a unique online gallery if there are enough pieces to sell, and each option has its own advantages and limitations. Artists and art owners who are interested in selling paintings online should have a solid idea of a piece's value, and have a good photograph of the piece for potential buyers to see as well.

While the artist will always be guided by interest and passion, creating paintings which will appeal to a broad audience can often make it much easier to sell paintings online. Large paintings generally command higher prices, which are typically justified by the cost of supplies and greater effort required. Conversely, prices from big canvases will be higher than smaller pieces.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Selling paintings online is also an option for owners of individual pieces or collections of artwork. Anyone interested in this should begin with getting a reliable appraisal for the painting. An accurate appraisal will give the owner an idea of the painting's market value, so that it may be priced appropriately for sale.

Quality photography is essential for selling paintings online. Customers will often decide whether to purchase based on these photos, and well lit, high resolution pictures are expected. Low budget, less than perfect snapshots will make the art less impressive and less likely to sell. Photos of paintings on display in a house can help customers judge the painting’s size and imagine the art in their own homes.

There are many online retail sites where artists and owners can display their work. Some specialize in artwork, while others sell nearly anything. Setting up a site such as this for selling paintings online is generally much easier than creating a personal online gallery. They also have the added advantage of higher traffic.

When selecting an online retail site for displaying artwork, it pays to examine all contracts and agreements carefully. In particular, details of commissions and fees need to be well understood. The artist should also take a look at some of the other paintings for sale. General retail websites will typically get more traffic and potentially give more people an opportunity to buy, but a niche painting website which suits the artist’s style may be more likely to connect with interested customers who are more likely to buy.

An artist or collection owner may create an online gallery for selling paintings online. This option requires much more work, but sales are usually free of commission and similar fees. Clean web design and ease of purchasing is also considered critical for an online gallery. Poorly executed websites are not likely to generate sales, so professional help in web design can be extremely beneficial.

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For outsider artists, it's almost a necessity to sell paintings online, due to the few avenues for self-taught, unconventional artists to gain an audience.


In the fourth paragraph, I agree where it states that quality is required in order to sell your paintings online. Even though prices are important, visual presentation is another factor. After all, aside from the price, what's the first thing a customer notices when they attempt to purchase an online item? Quality.


Selling paintings online isn't always easy. After all, not only do you need to make sure that it's at a reasonable price, but you could be competing with others as well. For example, let's say that you put your painting on an auction website in hopes of that someone will buy it for a decent price. If there are a lot of other paintings being sold on the site, you're going to have some challenging competition, as their prices might be even lower than yours. Overall, it's good to take these factors into consideration.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing