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What Are the Best Tips for Replacing a Garbage Disposal?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Replacing a garbage disposal is a task that most home and business owners can do for themselves as long as some basic removal and installation tips are followed, as well as general safety and preparation. When working on any type of project that requires working with an electrical unit, safety is imperative. Another tip to follow is to prepare before attempting the change out by collecting necessary tools and parts. The final tip for replacing a garbage disposal that needs to be adhered to is when the actual task is performed, mainly while removing the old unit and installing the new one, is to follow the correct procedures.

Safety is one of the most important steps when it comes to replacing a garbage disposal. Electricity is used in order to make the unit operate, so the first step should always be to remove the plug from the wall, or unhook the wires if it is directly wired, but only after the fuse has been turned off. After the cord or wires are free from the garbage disposal, they need to be wrapped up as tightly as possible so that they are out of the way, removing the hazard that they can present when working on the plumbing aspects of the project.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Preparation is a step that should be taken in order to ensure that accidents do not happen due to excess amounts of water, as well as preventing any water damage that could result when the old unit is removed. To begin with, take everything out from underneath the sink, leaving nothing but the plumbing parts and the garbage disposal. Lay down enough towels to cover the entire area and place a long pan directly underneath the sink that the unit is installed in. This is a tip in replacing a garbage disposal that can save hours of time spent cleaning up a large water mess.

When removing the old garbage disposal a basic tip that needs to be followed is to follow the steps exactly in order. Instead of removing the disposal from the sink, as most people tend to do, begin by removing the drain tube, and any lines from the dishwasher that are present. The ring that holds the unit into place should be removed next, but an important tip to remember during this stage of replacing a garbage disposal is that the unit will drop down before the ring is completely removed. Most garbage disposals are heavy and can cause injury, so be ready to support or catch it as soon as the ring is turned. Once the ring is off, remove the unit and set it out of the way.

The final stage when replacing a garbage disposal is installing the new unit. Before attempting this task be sure to transfer the old power cord from the old unit and attach it to the new one, if one is not already present. Attach the drain tubes and the dishwasher hose if one is present, and then slide the new unit into place underneath the sink. Hold it into place as the new ring is tightened down, effectively securing it into place. Plug the new unit in and test it out before cleaning the area around the sink and replacing everything that had been removed from under the sink.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book