What Are the Best Tips for Planting Impatiens Seeds?

Misty Amber Brighton

When planting impatiens seeds, it is very important that the soil be warm and kept at an even temperature if possible. Many gardeners like to start seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the final frost. When doing so, the seed should be in firmly packed soil and then watered with hot water. Covering the seed container with plastic wrap can hold in humidity, which helps the impatiens seedlings to germinate. Seeds should be placed in a sunny location and in soil that does not retain water.

Successful seed germination depends on a variety of factors, including soil mixure and temperature levels.
Successful seed germination depends on a variety of factors, including soil mixure and temperature levels.

Impatiens seeds generally do well when the soil temperature remains constant. Somewhere between 70° and 75° Fahrenheit (about 21° to 23° C) is ideal for growing impatiens. Since it may be some time after the last frost before the soil temperature reaches this level, many growers like to start the seeds indoors. This can be done by using a heated mat to keep the soil at a constant temperature until the plants become well established.

Before planting impatiens seeds, it can be a good idea to pack the soil where the plant will grow very tightly. This is true whether planting seeds in containers or directly into the ground. Next, the seed should be placed so that it is mostly covered with dirt yet not completely buried. This is because this seed may not sprout if it is buried too deeply. Watering the specimen could push it further into the ground, so it is not normally a concern if the seed protrudes slightly from the soil.

It can be a good idea to water impatiens seeds with hot but not boiling water if possible. If hot water is not available, cold water should be allowed to come to room temperature, or it may be heated up slightly before using. Using cold water to moisten impatiens seedlings might shock the plant, so hot water should be used to water them during the early stages of the flower's growth.

If impatiens seeds are started indoors, it can be a good idea to wrap the container in plastic wrap just after watering them. This will help protect the plant from drafts and ensure the air temperature remains constant. Should the plants be started outdoors, it is very important to place them in a mostly sunny area that has well-drained soil. Once these flowers have been established, caring for impatiens may simply require regular watering and fertilizing to keep them healthy and blooming.

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