What Are the Best Tips for Painting a Girl's Room?

Christina Edwards

One of the biggest parts of redecorating a girls room is painting. When painting a girl's room, you must first decide on a color scheme. Have the girl come with you to pick out paint colors, if possible. You can also add unique designs to the walls when you are painting.

When painting a girl's room, allow her look through all of the paint colors before making a final decision.
When painting a girl's room, allow her look through all of the paint colors before making a final decision.

Typical girl colors include pink and purple. If the room is going to be for an infant, these are usually the colors that most parents choose. A neutral color, like cream or white, can also be chosen, just in case she decides that she does not like these colors when she gets older.

Older girls will usually want to have some say in what color you paint their rooms. Take her with you when you go shopping for paint to avoid any disappointment. Let her look through all of the paint colors before making a final decision. Be careful, though, because she may decide that she wants a very wild or untraditional color. If this is the case, you may want to try to talk her into using it as an accent color.

When painting a girl's room, you will usually need at least two or three different colors. The first color that you will need is for the walls. This should be either a neutral color or a muted shade of a more vivid color.

You will also need a paint color for the trim when painting a girl's room. This can be either a dark or light color. Many people choose white for the trim, but technically any color will work. For example, if the girl originally wanted lime green or black for her walls, try using this color to paint the trim instead.

Most home improvement experts recommend painting the ceiling also when you're painting a girl's room. In rooms without any molding separating the ceilings from the walls, you can paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. Most people, however, choose to paint to ceiling a lighter shade. This often makes the room seem larger and brighter.

Designs can also be made on the walls or even the ceiling when painting a girl's room. To do this, you can make shapes with painter's tape. You can also use stencils, or draw the design freehand if you're talented. Make sure that the design isn't something that she will outgrow, though. Stripes, geometric shapes, or her name are usually safe bets.

Working as a team can be one of the best parts of painting a girl's room. If she is old enough, enlist her help. Older girls can usually help you with most of the painting, including painting the trim. Younger girls may be able to help by painting a small section of wall. Be sure to lay down a drop cloth in this situation, just in case things get messy.

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