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What Are the Best Tips for Open Source Web Development?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Open source web development is the process of using an open source program to build a website, either for a client or for oneself. A developer should get an open source web development program built in a programming language he or she knows if the goal is to unlock its full potential. Building simple designs with just a few colors and graphics is usually better, because these load faster and rank better. Navigating from one section to another and then back again should be very simple for the user, or he or she may get confused. Content should be written in accessible language and should have some keyword optimization.

With open source web development tools, the developer is granted a license that allows him or her to revise the software and create new tools and modules without asking for permission. To make use of this license, the developer should find a web development tool made in a programming schema with which he or she is familiar. Even if the programmer does not intend to create new tools, this knowledge will be of assistance if technical problems arise.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The website built with an open source web development program should be simple and should not fixate on graphics. Many new web developers think a website needs a lot of modern graphics and features, but too many graphics make the website memory-heavy and the coding becomes more complex. This means it takes longer for computers to load the website, and search engines may encounter difficulties when reading the website.

Just as important as the design of the website is its navigation system. The navigation system should be simple and easy to understand, so users can quickly go to a desired page, and go back again if need be. To this end, most developers using open source web development will create a navigation bar that lead users to deeper pages, and a logo or button at the top of the website that leads the user back to the home page.

Along with design elements, a website must have content before it will be considered useful. Unless the content is meant specifically for professionals, most content should be written in simple and accessible language; this allows new users to follow the subject and initiated users to learn from the website. The content also should be keyword-optimized, meaning a keyword should be mentioned in the header and title — and several times throughout the content’s body. This helps search engines locate the website.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer