What Are the Best Tips for Online Learning?

G. Wiesen

Online learning opportunities can be quite advantageous for many students, though a few things should be kept in mind to make the experience as beneficial as possible. These courses can differ in significant ways compared to traditional classes, so a slow approach is often best for students new to virtual classrooms. Proper time management and self-motivation are vital for a student to be successful during online learning, since there is not the same degree of reinforcement and motivation provided by a teacher in a class. Students also need to understand how to use the Internet and other technology effectively, as this is an important component of the learning process.

Proper time management and self-motivation are vital for students who are enrolled in online programs.
Proper time management and self-motivation are vital for students who are enrolled in online programs.

Central considerations that students should have regarding online learning are the ways in which it can be both beneficial and disadvantageous. Students who are new to virtual classes attended over the Internet should approach them with some caution. These courses can provide tremendous benefits through open scheduling and the ability to attend classes offered by a school hundreds of miles away. There are certain drawbacks to online learning, however, so students should start off with only one or two Internet classes, rather than immediately setting up a full course load.

Online learning can be difficult for some students who are used to a classroom environment, especially with regard to motivation. A teacher in a class typically provides encouragement, reminders, and incentives to help keep students motivated and on track with learning. When a student is removed from this setting, it can make it difficult to maintain self-motivation. Those students who thrive in online classes are self-motivated and able to make themselves complete work on time.

Scheduling is both a benefit and a potential curse for online learning. Students are typically able to attend courses on their own time, as long as certain deadlines and assignments are met. This is extremely advantageous for people with prior commitments, such as family or work. It also means that a student has to remember to complete tasks and view online lectures without the reinforcement of a physical classroom each day. Students considering online learning should devise a calendar or other means by which they maintain a schedule that keeps them on track with class progression.

It is also quite important that students be able to utilize technology that is required of them. Students typically need at least a decent computer with a solid Internet connection to attend online classes. Additional software requirements may also be present for some courses, and students should be aware of these necessities. Online learning can be difficult for people who have trouble using computers and navigating the Internet, and an introductory course in computer use can be quite beneficial.

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