What are the Best Tips for Marketing for Non-Profits?

Erin J. Hill

There are various tips that owners and board members can use for marketing for non-profits. They may include things like market research, networking with potential investors, holding fundraisers in the community, and even hiring marketing consultants or agencies to help with promotions and advertising. Some may also choose to hire a public relations expert to promote events for the general public.

Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

One of the best tips for marketing for non-profits is to canvass the neighborhoods which will benefit from the programs the organization will be offering. Workers for the organization will need to meet those it intends to help, find out their greatest needs are, and tell them about the new organization. Potential investors will also need to be alerted to the new programs in order to get funds. Many non-profit organizations host public events in order to do this.

Public events can be large or small and can range from a neighborhood barbecue in an area that will benefit from the organization to a large formal dinner for investors. A public relations expert can help many non-profit organizations with planning an event, although some prefer to do things themselves to save money. These events can help the organization get to know the public and make them aware of their mission, get funds, and develop a following of supporters.

The most important tips for marketing for non-profits involve making connections with those who would offer support to the organization. For instance, if it is a non-profit designed to help single mothers pay for their childrens' education, the organization would do well to meet with single moms who have become successful, children who were raised by single parents, and others who would have a vested interest in the company’s mission. These should be those who can benefit from the organization, those who can donate to their mission, and those who can donate time and energy to help spread the word.

Some tips for marketing for non-profits are to have volunteers go door to door and introduce the community to the company, hand out flyers, and go into other organizations like schools and medical facilities — depending on the mission of the organization — and speak with the public. Workers may also provide educational material to the public to make them aware of serious issues, and offer seminars to help promote issues or prevent certain circumstances. For instance, a non-profit may promote education for minorities or prevent teen pregnancy.

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