What are the Best Tips for Marketing a New Business?

Dan Cavallari

Marketing a new business means knowing and communicating with a target audience. It is vital to research the market the business is trying to reach so the business can understand what the potential clients want and need, and in many cases, it is important to know where potential clients currently get the service the new business offers. Advertising can help immensely, but it is also important to consider the best types of advertising when marketing a new business to avoid wasteful spending on ineffective ads and practices. Drawing up a marketing plan is a wise decision for the new business, as marketing a new business can often be a time-consuming and complicated task.

Existing customers are just as important as new customers when marketing a new business.
Existing customers are just as important as new customers when marketing a new business.

The Internet is both the newest and one of the most effective marketing tools available when marketing a new business. Running a blog can go a long way toward establishing a relationship with customers, and the business can run special website offers and specials for blog followers. Social networking sites are also a great way to reach new markets and capitalize on word of mouth advertising. Be sure to become savvy to the newest and most popular social networks, or hire someone who can do it instead. Connect with other businesses that may complement the new business and try to form advertising partnerships with them, both on social networks and in other venues.

Always have business cards available. Marketing a new business means always being ready to promote oneself, and a business card is a great way to make sure people the business owner meets remembers his name and services. Make sure the business card is well-designed and simple, and make sure it features the name, address, phone number, and website of the business. Make sure existing clients have a business card as well, as satisfied customers are more likely to recommend the new business to colleagues.

Remember that existing customers are just as important as new customers when marketing a new business. Once the new business has performed a service for an existing customer, a follow-up e-mail should be sent to the customer to ensure the services were rendered satisfactorily. The e-mail can also feature special offers for future services or products. Satisfied customers are likely to return for more services, so make sure to occasionally remind them of the services the business has rendered and entice the customers to return for more.

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