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What Are the Best Tips for Male Epilation?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

Male epilation involves removing hair by the root from a man’s face or body. Many men choose to undergo a hair-removal process for aesthetic or hygienic reasons and, like women, are frequently concerned about issues such as cost, the amount of pain that they will experience during the procedure, as well as how the final result will look. To get the best results, those who undergo male epilation should take the time to research their options, select a qualified hair-removal specialist, and develop an understanding of appropriate aftercare protocols to reduce irritation and the risk of infection.

When considering male epilation, it is important to think about which areas of the body a man wants to have treated and the various methods that are available. If a man is uncertain about his options, he may wish to contact an aesthetician or dermatologist who can explain his options to him. He can then do his own research on these methods as well as practitioners in his area. Some professionals may even operate businesses that specifically cater to men, which can make male clients feel more comfortable.

Tweezing the eyebrow area is the best for removing unruly hairs.
Tweezing the eyebrow area is the best for removing unruly hairs.

For relatively small areas, unwanted hair removal can often be accomplished by tweezing, threading, or waxing. All of these methods involve plucking a hair from its follicle, resulting in longer-lasting results than shaving. Tweezing is generally best reserved for removing eyebrow hair or the occasional stray hair on the body, as this method of hair removal is slow and can cause prolonged discomfort. Waxing is typically very effective at removing large amounts of hair quickly, which can minimize the amount of pain that an individual experiences during the procedure. For those who are seeking permanent results, electrolysis is one viable option. In addition, laser hair removal requires only occasional maintenance and is likewise very effective at removing or thinning out body hair.

One key aspect of male epilation is finding a practitioner who has worked with men before, particularly if a man is seeking eyebrow grooming, as this area of the body is quite visible to others. This is because a practitioner who is used to working with women may have difficulty achieving a more masculine look. A man who is considering hair removal should ask to see photographs of a hair-removal specialist’s work before choosing to undergo a procedure. Some personal grooming experts also suggest that a man who was unfamiliar with appellation procedures undergo hair removal on a small area of his body so that he understands how the procedure will feel and can avoid trauma if he is particularly sensitive to pain.

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    • Tweezing the eyebrow area is the best for removing unruly hairs.
      By: BlueSkyImages
      Tweezing the eyebrow area is the best for removing unruly hairs.