What Are the Best Tips for Making Grilled Seafood?

Christina Edwards

Grilled seafood is an excellent summer dish. Along with a light layer of oil, a clean grill and proper grill accessories can help keep the seafood from sticking. The temperature of the grill should also be very hot. A marinade can also add flavor to the seafood.

Oil the grill before heating it so the seafood doesn't stick.
Oil the grill before heating it so the seafood doesn't stick.

Before making grilled seafood, the grill should be thoroughly cleaned. This should be done with hot water and dish detergent. Many grills may have spots where food has cooked onto the grill. These can often be removed with a scouring pad, but tougher spots may require a wire brush.

Grilled fish.
Grilled fish.

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Oil should also be applied to the grill before cooking grilled seafood. This should be done while the grill is still cool. Using a paper towel, a little oil can be applied. Cooking spray can also be used.

Grill accessories can also be used to keep seafood from sticking. A grill basket is often a great accessory for fish. Along with the fish, fresh herbs and lemon can also be added to the basket.

Other seafood, like shrimp and scallops can also be cooked in a grill basket. This will keep the grilled seafood from sticking and it will ensure that the smaller pieces do not fall between the cracks of the grill. Spearing small seafood pieces can also help prevent this. Wooden skewers, however, should be soaked in water before grilling seafood.

Seafood does not take long to cook, and if overcooked, grilled seafood can be tough and rubbery. A hot grill can prevent overcooking, and it will sear the outside of the seafood as well. When grilling whole fish, however, the temperature should be a low to ensure the fish cooks all the way through.

Grilling fish can be difficult, since it has a tendency to stick, and it can fall apart when flipped. Fish with bones should be placed with the bones down. If cooking boneless fish, the most uneven side should be placed on the grill. Also, fish should only be flipped once, about halfway through the cooking time.

Marinades are popular with many people who grill seafood. A wide variety of seafood marinades can either be bought or made. Sweet, sugary marinades should be avoided, however, since they can cause the food to stick.

To marinate seafood, place it in a large bowl. Pour the marinade over the fish to coat it evenly, cover the bowl, and put it in the refrigerator. Since the marinade can overpower the taste of the seafood, it is best not let it marinate for more than 15 or 20 minutes.

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