What Are the Best Tips for Making Eggless Pineapple Cake?

C.B. Fox

The best way to make eggless pineapple cake is to follow a recipe that does not call for eggs. There are many different vegan recipes for pineapple cake, none of which will include eggs, as well as non-vegan cakes that may include butter or milk but that do not require eggs. When following a cake recipe that calls for eggs, there are a few different ways of making the cake without eggs, though each of these methods will change the consistency of the cake. Some of the best substitutions are oil and flour, soda, and vegan egg-substitute. Eggs give cakes a fluffy texture, so other egg substitutes, such as banana, which work well as binders, should not be used in an eggless pineapple cake.

Cola can be used in place of eggs for a pineapple cake.
Cola can be used in place of eggs for a pineapple cake.

Various recipes for eggless pineapple cake are available in cookbooks and on the Internet. It may be easier to find a vegan recipe than an eggless recipe because many people who do not eat eggs also avoid dairy products. Whether the recipe is vegan or simply eggless, it will use another combination of ingredients to make up for the lack of egg.

A combination of water, flour oil, and baking powder can be substituted for eggs.
A combination of water, flour oil, and baking powder can be substituted for eggs.

In order to make an eggless pineapple cake while following a recipe that calls for eggs, it is necessary to substitute ingredients that will mimic the effect of eggs. In cakes, eggs help create a fluffy texture and can be replaced by ingredients that will help to make the batter lighter. One of the easiest ways to make an eggless pineapple cake is to use 0.25 cup (60 mL) of egg substitute and a teaspoon of oil for each egg in the recipe. Though egg substitute can be used alone, adding oil greatly improves the texture of the cake. Some egg substitute is made with egg, however, so the cook should read the ingredients carefully if he or she wants to make a truly eggless pineapple cake.

It is also possible to make an eggless pineapple cake by substituting a combination of water, flour, oil, and baking powder for the eggs. Soda, such as cola, ginger ale, or lemon-lime can also be used in a pineapple cake instead of eggs, but a recipe that specifically calls for soda should be used because adding too much can create a soggy cake. Bananas and tofu, which are used to make eggless cookies and pastries, should not be used in an eggless pineapple cake because they will make the cake denser.

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@ocelot60- When done right, a cake made with egg substitute tastes no different than one made with eggs. It is all in the baking method and other ingredients that go into the cake.

As the article explains, adding a bit of oil along with the egg substitute will result in the best flavor and fluffiness of cake. For a fruit cake like pineapple, I think that adding some mashed banana instead of oil also works very well and compliments the flavor.

Another trick that you can try instead of using egg substitute is to use non-fat yogurt. About a half cup per egg will work well in your recipe.

It is also important not to over-bake your egg-free pineapple cake, because this will detract from its fluffy texture. Follow the baking recommendations, and maybe even cut back on the baking time by a few minutes, depending on the altitude of where you live.

If you play around with your recipe a bit, you will find an egg-free pineapple cake creation that your mother will enjoy as much as she did your traditional pineapple cake recipe.


Pineapple cake is my mother's favorite, and I always make her one for special occasions. Recently-diagnosed health issues has required her to have to make dietary changes, and eliminating eggs is one of them. I need to learn how to make this cake without eggs, but I want her to still enjoy its flavor and consistency.

I have never used egg substitute to bake. What is the flavor like? Will my mother noticed the difference in the taste of her favorite cake?

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