What Are the Best Tips for Making Eggless Brownies?

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh
Pumpkin seeds may be used to create eggless brownies.
Pumpkin seeds may be used to create eggless brownies.

Eggless brownies are made the same way as regular brownies, but include ingredients in place of eggs. These recipes work well for individuals who are vegan, who have egg allergies, and those concerned about eating healthier. Substitute ingredients can include such things as tofu or pureed pumpkin in place of the eggs, and there are also powdered egg substitutes that can be reconstituted with water and added to the batter when making eggless brownies. It is important for cooks to use the right amount of the substitute ingredients to create rich and moist brownies.

There are many recipes available for eggless brownies that include substitute ingredients for baking. These recipes work well for individuals who prefer to cook items from recipes that have been tested by other cooks. People who already have a favorite brownie recipe can attempt to substitute another ingredient for the eggs using the same recipe.

Tofu can be substituted for eggs by using one-fourth cup (60 mL) in place of one egg. The tofu should be the soft variety and it needs to be blended before being placed with other wet ingredients. This will create a semi-fluffy consistency that is comparable to eggs in brownie recipes. Due to the fact that tofu does not cause a leavening effect similar to eggs, a slightly larger amount of baking powder should be added to the recipe as well. One-fourth of a teaspoon (5 mL) more baking powder will create the missing effect in the eggless brownies.

Depending on taste preference of those eating the eggless brownies, other ingredients can be used in place of eggs. Pureed pumpkin will create moist brownies with a slight flavor of pumpkin, and pureed roasted squash can be used in the same way. For both of these ingredients, one-fourth cup (60 mL) should be substituted for each egg called for in the recipe.

Powdered egg substitute is also an alternative that works well in baked goods such as eggless brownies. There are different varieties on the market composed of flours, leavening, and other ingredients that mimic the properties of eggs. The directions for these substitutes vary depending on the brand, but generally require that water is added to them before being mixed with the other wet ingredients. Once the egg substitute has been placed in the brownie batter and mixed together, it can be poured into a pan and baked in the oven to create eggless brownies that taste similar to brownies that have eggs in them.

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    • Pumpkin seeds may be used to create eggless brownies.
      By: mustafa_dastekin
      Pumpkin seeds may be used to create eggless brownies.