What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Birthday Cards?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen
Two young boys
Two young boys

When it comes to making do-it-yourself (DIY) birthday cards, it can be important to consider the materials on hand, and the different methods for making simple and fast cards. Rubber stamps and stickers, for example, are often used as ways to quickly and easily create a striking image on a card. Different types of paper can be used together to create various patterns and textures on cards, sold at many stores. People should also consider other types of supplies that are useable for DIY birthday cards, such as ribbons, buttons, and images that can be printed from a computer.

DIY birthday cards can be made from a wide variety of materials and can be used to add a more personalized and individual touch to a gift. One consideration that someone should keep in mind is ways in which he or she can add a pattern or image to a card in an easy and visually attractive way. While hand-drawn pictures are nice, they can also be difficult to create and one small mistake can potentially ruin hours of work. Rubber stamps and stickers can be used to quickly and reliably add images and other graphic details to DIY birthday cards.

Someone creating DIY birthday cards should also consider the paper used to make them. Different types of card stock are available from a number of stores, usually hobby or craft supply stories, which are heavier than standard sheets of paper. Someone creating DIY birthday cards can choose paper with varying prints, patterns, and textures and then use them together to make a card that is interesting in both a visual and tactile sense.

There are also a number of resources and materials that many people have around their house that can be overlooked but may add unique touches to DIY birthday cards. Clothing buttons, for example, can be placed on a card through some hot glue or the use of thread, to give it more visual impact and dimensionality. Ribbon can also be glued onto a card, or used like thread and sewn into holes on the card, allowing someone to add more personal details to it. Many images can be found online that are copyright free, can be printed onto paper, and then used on a card or as a template for paper crafting on DIY birthday cards.

Various tools and pieces of equipment can also be used to make very advanced and complicated DIY birthday cards. These can include machines that cut out piece of paper or plastic in programmed shapes, allowing someone to add very fine details without cutting paper by hand. Other people may prefer to use a sharp craft knife and cut out individual pieces, which produces unique though labor-intensive work. Since these cards do not include printed sentiments like commercial birthday cards, people making them should also consider looking for famous quotes or other examples of phrases to write in the card.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys