What Are the Best Tips for Loft Board Insulation?

Dan Cavallari

Utilizing the space normally dedicated to storage in a home can increase the usable living space of that home and make for a cozy area for sleeping, studying, or even watching television. It will be necessary, however, to insulate the space to ensure it can hold a consistent and comfortable temperature. Loft board insulation is one way to help regulate temperature in the loft space and help reduce heating bills due to heat loss from the floors below. Several options for loft board insulation exist, so it is best to examine each option before choosing the one that is best for a particular space.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Fiberglass batting is perhaps the most commonly used type of loft board insulation. This batting sits beneath floorboards and in between joists, and it is very effective at insulating the loft space. Installing this type of insulation is not exceptionally difficult either, but it will be important to take precautions when handling fiberglass. A breathing mask should be worn at all times, since fiberglass can be exceptionally harmful to the throat and lungs. Installers should avoid touching the fiberglass as well, as it can be a skin irritant. It is a good idea to choose fiberglass loft board insulation with a backing that will help prevent infestation from rodents and other pests.

As with any type of insulation, it will be very important to choose loft board insulation that is fire- and water-resistant. When installing the insulation, it is vital that the installer make sure all electrical wires are properly shielded and any pipes that will cause significant heat do not come in direct contact with the insulation. These pipes should be shielded or insulated as well to help reduce the risk of fire. Insulation should be pressed into all corners and nooks to help prevent gaps where cold air can get trapped.

Other types of loft board insulation include radiant aluminum sheeting and spray insulation. Spray insulation is perhaps the easiest to install with the proper equipment, but it is also the messiest and least precise option. It will be necessary to hire a professional to install this type of insulation unless the installer can rent the equipment on his or her own. Aluminum sheeting is exceptionally easy to install and is very inexpensive, but it is not always the most efficient type of insulation. It is best used in conjunction with other types of insulation rather than on its own.

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