What are the Best Tips for Living with Lupus?

Sarah Sullins

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that mainly occurs in women and can be very difficult to live with. There are several changes a person can make in her life to help her deal with the symptoms of lupus, such as changes in diet and exercise. Quitting smoking, avoiding contact with those who may be sick, and reducing stress are also changes that can be made to reduce lupus flare ups and help a person living with lupus.

Symptoms of lupus may include joint pain.
Symptoms of lupus may include joint pain.

When too many proteins develop in a person’s body and begin attacking and destroying cells in the body, it is called lupus. The actual causes of this problem are not known, but there are many things that can trigger a flare up of the symptoms. These triggers include stress, hormones, sunlight, medicines, becoming pregnant, infections, and food. Each person living with lupus may experience different symptoms and may have different triggers that make lupus worse.

A warm bubble bath can reduce stress.
A warm bubble bath can reduce stress.

Some good tips for living with lupus include avoiding sunlight and avoiding people who may have an infection. UV rays can make lupus worse, so it is helpful if those who are suffering from lupus remember to apply sun block and wear clothing that covers most of their body. Avoiding large groups of people, children, and the elderly can help a person stay away from viruses and bacteria that could cause complications with lupus. A person with lupus can also avoid infection by remember to wash her hands often.

Many people who have lupus notice that it flares up when they become stressed or anxious. Avoiding stress and finding ways to relax can often help a person living with lupus. For some people, this can be as easy as taking a bubble bath or reading a good book. Others may need to get of the house to relax and enjoy themselves.

The type of clothing a person chooses to wear also may help to reduce the amount of pain she experiences and keep her comfortable. Loose clothing allows a person to breathe, while flip flops or clogs allow a person to be comfortable if her ankles or feet become swollen. Applying the correct type of makeup can cover up facial rashes, while moisturizers may prevent some others.

Eating right is typically helpful for those who are living with lupus. The right food gives the body the nutrition it needs to stay strong and healthy. Being creative in the kitchen by using a rolling chair to sit in while cooking can help make fixing meals easier.

Getting plenty of exercise is another tip for those living with lupus. Exercising can firm up a person’s muscles and keep them from becoming permanently weak. It also can help a person sleep better at night. Even though exercising helps tremendously, it is important for a person living with lupus to take breaks when needed, because fatigue can occur quickly.

Avoiding tabacco smoke is one way to manage lupus inflammation.
Avoiding tabacco smoke is one way to manage lupus inflammation.

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