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What Are the Best Tips for Learning Grammar?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

When someone is learning grammar, he or she should typically consider taking a class to help in the process or choosing one or more books meant as a guide for such learning. Depending on the nature of the language he or she is learning, other methods can also be used. In English, for example, it is typically best to begin with the most basic components of grammar and the English language, and build upon each lesson with more complex ideas. While some people may find such work difficult, the use of sentence or tree diagramming can also make the process of learning grammar easier or more complete.

Learning grammar is a process by which a person comes to more fully understand the rules that govern how a language functions. Grammar is, essentially, those rules and ways in which the components of a particular language are assembled into complete expressions of ideas. Learning grammar is usually easiest with the guidance of a teacher who has experience not only with the grammatical aspects of a language, but also teaching those aspects. Anyone interested in grammar should consider taking classes in grammar, though there are also a number of books and websites that can be used to assist in such learning.

There are a variety of printed materials, such as worksheets, to help with learning grammar.
There are a variety of printed materials, such as worksheets, to help with learning grammar.

The actual process of learning grammar can be approached in a number of ways, though it is usually best to begin with the simplest and most fundamental aspects of a language and build on this foundation. In English, for example, it is often easiest to first learn about the various parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions. Once someone understands what each of these parts entail, and how to properly identify them, then it is easier to begin understanding how they are assembled into a single sentence. In this way, the process of learning grammar is like many other types of learning, and requires practice.

One of the best tools for practicing and learning grammar is a sentence or tree diagram. This consists of a process by which a sentence is broken down into its core components to better understand how each piece creates the whole. Such diagrams usually begin with simple sentences, perhaps only three words in length, and then grow to longer and more complex sentences. While some people may dread such diagrams, they are one of the best means by which people can most effectively practice and apply what they know while learning grammar.

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When my kids were growing up we got them a series of videos to help them learn English grammar. The series was called the grammar giant and it was about a huge man who helped kids to learn about grammar.

I'm not sure where we got the videos. I remember watching a few and thinking that they were awfully silly but they really do work. My kids have always been exceptional at grammar and they will regularly criticize me for a misplaced comma or a dangling participle in the cards and letters I send them. I guess that giant really made an impression.


I think the best way to learn grammar and usage is to be a careful reader. If you make a really conscious effort to study the things you read you will soon learn the proper way to use commas, colons and all the like.

I have always preferred this method to toiling through work books filled with repetition and memorization. I think this gives children a shallow notion of grammar. It makes them believe that grammar is a set of hard and fast rules that cannot be bent or changed under any circumstances. In reality, grammar is a set of tools that people can adapt to their own means to create the meanings they ascribe to the world. Grammar is on your side. It does more than just complicate things. You have to find ways to get children to appreciate grammar rather than dread it.

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    • There are a variety of printed materials, such as worksheets, to help with learning grammar.
      By: petar Ishmeriev
      There are a variety of printed materials, such as worksheets, to help with learning grammar.