What Are the Best Tips for Health Magazine Advertising?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Health magazines cater to people interested in healthy living.
Health magazines cater to people interested in healthy living.

Business owners have a myriad of options for advertising, but the savviest owners will narrow down those options according to the outlets that will help them reach their target audiences. Any business that has to do with health or healthy habits may want to consider health magazine advertising. This does not mean only businesses that focus on athletics or healthy eating should advertise in such magazines; instead, any business that will cater to an audience interested in healthy living should try health magazine advertising. Regardless of the business type, the ad for that business should tie in somehow to living healthy.

The ad should be professionally designed, eye-catching, and relevant to health issues. It may be wise to hire a professional advertiser or marketer to design the ad that will be used in health magazine advertising to ensure the readers will notice the ad, read it, and respond positively to it. This may be difficult, especially if the business itself does not directly relate to health issues, so hiring a professional will cut down on time and effort, even if it costs a bit more money.

Make sure the health magazine advertising will be seen by the right people. Do a bit of research to find the target audience of each magazineis; some magazines, for example, are tailored specifically to women's health, so a business looking to reach women will benefit from advertisements in that magazine. A business looking to reach middle age men, however, may not be best served by such a magazine. The ad should be focused on a specific target group, but it should also be applicable to the target group that is the magazine's readership. If it is not, the ad may be a waste of money for the business owner.

Consider the type of ad being run. Magazines often offer a health magazine advertising pricing structure. This means a business owner can choose how much he or she wants to pay based on how large of an ad will be run in the magazine. A quarter page ad, for example, will cost less than a full page ad; a black and white ad will cost less than a full color ad. Some magazines may offer text-only ads, which are exceptionally inexpensive, or full color back-cover ads, which are exceptionally expensive. The business owner should be sure to explore all options and determine a budget for the advertising campaign to figure out which type of ad will be most appropriate.

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    • Health magazines cater to people interested in healthy living.
      Health magazines cater to people interested in healthy living.