What Are the Best Tips for Grooming a Havanese?

C.B. Fox
C.B. Fox
Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.
Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.

A Havanese is a long-haired breed of dog that requires a great deal of regular grooming. Owners of these dogs often break grooming tasks into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. When grooming a Havanese, it's important to keep the fur clean and to make sure to brush all the dog's fur from the skin to the tips frequently so that the hair does not mat and cause skin disorders. Owners should also tend to the dog's nails and teeth regularly.

One of the most important things to do when grooming a Havanese is to clean the dog's fur regularly. When kept indoors, these dogs do not require frequent bathing but dogs that are taken outside can get dirty. In order to bathe a Havanese, the dog should be wetted down and then washed with a mild shampoo designed for use in dogs. The shampoo must be completely rinsed off the dog at the end of the bath because it can cause skin irritation. All Havanese dogs need to have the fur around their eyes and ears cleaned frequently because body fluids can build up around these areas.

Brushing is an important part of grooming a Havanese and should be done at least a couple of times a week, though it is best to brush these dogs out daily. The more frequently they are brushed, the less likely they are to develop fur mats. Before brushing one of these dogs, it's a good idea to lightly mist the fur with water. The fur should then be parted down the length of the dog and brushed all the way from the skin to the tips. In order to brush all of the fur, a new part needs to be made every 0.25 inches (1 centimeter) or so and the brushing repeated.

Another aspect of grooming a Havanese is cutting the fur frequently. The fur can be cut short in the summer, which will make it easier to care for, and then grown out for the winter. Alternatively, owners can chose a cut that they prefer and maintain it with monthly or bimonthly cuts.

Owners should also pay attention to the nails and teeth when grooming a Havanese. The nails need to be cleaned and trimmed frequently so they do not develop infections or become sharp enough to do damage to furniture or the owner's skin. The teeth should be brushed frequently so that cavities do not form.

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    • Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.
      By: Diana Taliun
      Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.