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What Are the Best Tips for Getting a Bachelor of Sociology?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

One of the biggest considerations when pursuing a Bachelor of Sociology is the type of degree that a student wants to receive. Some colleges award this degree as a Bachelor of Arts (BA), in which it is primarily intended for those interested in performing research and working with the more "social" aspects of this field. Other universities, however, present a Bachelor of Science (BS) to students who complete this degree, which is often intended for those interested in a more statistical and analytical career. This is a major consideration for anyone interested in receiving a bachelor of sociology, as the courses necessary for the degree can change depending on the college involved.

Anyone interested in a Bachelor of Sociology should carefully consider the ways in which universities typically offer this degree. Some schools, for example, provide students with the opportunity to complete a BA. This type of program often includes a great deal of research and work involving the creative aspects of sociology, typically with a focus on how people communicate and relate to each other. Students should consider receiving a Bachelor of Sociology from this kind of school if they are interested in the "soft" side of this field of study.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

On the other hand, other schools provide a bachelor of sociology as a BS degree, which often requires a greater focus on science and math classes. This is an important consideration, since students with an interest in this field may have greater strengths in language and communication skills, than in scientific or analytical activities. A Bachelor of Sociology from this type of school may better prepare students who are interested in working in the "hard" science aspects of this field. Someone interested in researching statistics and determining patterns in data about human interaction and movement may do well in this type of program.

There are also some interdisciplinary components to a bachelor of sociology that students should consider. While sociology is the study of human society and interactions in general, there are other fields such as psychology and anthropology that often include similar concepts. A student interested in working in sociology while studying how different aspects of society impact people on a physiological level, for example, might consider looking for an interdisciplinary program that focuses on biology or organic chemistry and sociology. This type of Bachelor of Sociology may be difficult to pursue, but a school that offers a BS for this degree may be more likely to have such a program.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book