What Are the Best Tips for Expanding a Business?

Dan Cavallari

A thriving business can thrive more if it is expanded, but only if that expansion is done correctly. Before expanding a business, it is important to determine the goals for expansion, the specific type of expansion to be undergone, and the steps to be taken to make expanding a business successful. A business owner may, for example, choose to open a second physical location, which means he or she will need to do research into various locations that may suit the business. The owner may also choose to expand to Internet sales, which will require an entirely different set of steps for success.

Researching markets that will respond positively to the given business is a good way to expand a business.
Researching markets that will respond positively to the given business is a good way to expand a business.

The point of expanding a business is to make more money and expand the business's name recognition. The owner must therefore research markets that will respond positively to the business and find out what competition exists in those markets. If the owner is opening a second business location, for example, he or she will need to find out what similar businesses operate in the area and what type of customers they attract. The owner must know how his business will be better than the others and appeal to that specific market. This is akin to writing a second business plan for the business.

If the owner is considering expanding a business by starting Internet sales, he or she will need to do some research into the rules and regulations regarding such sales. It may be in the best interest of the company to hire a person to handle Internet sales and marketing exclusively so the owner can focus on sales within the physical location, if one exists. An Internet sales specialist will have a better understanding of how online businesses operate and how to make that specific business operate efficiently.

One way the owner can begin expanding a business without having to manage a second location on his own is to franchise his business. This means the owner will sell his or her successful business model to another person who will operate a second location while maintaining the business name. The franchise owner will make a profit if the business is run correctly, as will the original business owner who sold a stake in the business. This is a great way to build name recognition and expand profits while reducing workloads or maintaining the workload of the original location. The success of a franchise depends on the people who invest in it, so the business owner will need to be careful who he or she collaborates with.

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