What Are the Best Tips for DIY Lighting?

Tara Barnett

The best tips for DIY lighting are to stick to a budget and plan ahead. Aside from these basic considerations, a person should also keep in mind that homemade lighting fixtures can catch on fire or be otherwise dangerous. It is important to think about practical aspects of the lighting before making any creative lighting designs. In terms of creative fixtures, there are both homemade conventional designs and truly unique fixtures. Looking at designs made by other people can be a great place to start when coming up with DIY lighting solutions.

Purchasign pre-made lighting elements decreases the danger of chandelier installation.
Purchasign pre-made lighting elements decreases the danger of chandelier installation.

Coming up with creative lighting solutions involves research and planning because electricity is usually involved. A great way to cut down on difficulties and danger is to buy the actual lighting elements pre-made and design the covers and shades oneself. This technique can yield beautiful pendant lamps, bedside lamps, and even chandeliers.

Making a shade for a pendant lamp is one of the most common DIY lighting projects. These items can be made in a variety of ways out of numerous materials, including paper, feathers, or even string. Many people find that using a balloon as a mold and wrapping the balloon with a material that will harden makes beautiful and easy pendant lighting because the balloon can easily be removed. Designing this type of lighting may be challenging when the shade is too heavy to be held up solely by the light’s cord.

When designing lights that are primarily decorative, a person is much less restricted in terms of functional design. DIY lighting of this type may simply glow or sparkle rather than cast light on an area. Many people find that placing small LED lights in semi-translucent bottles or other materials makes beautiful decorative lighting, and this solution is adaptable to many different projects. Candle fixtures can also make an excellent type of decorative lighting, but a person must be very careful when making anything that will hold flames.

Although duplicating a beautiful fixture or making a light out of expensive materials might seem like a good idea, it is important to stay within a person's skill range in order to avoid frustration. DIY lighting depends on the skill of the crafter for a professional and finished look, and some people have more experience with various crafts than others. Using a book that explains various techniques for creating lights can help take some of the mystery out of this craft, and once someone has mastered the basics, it is possible to make designs entirely from scratch. Like many aspects of handicrafts, having patience and measuring elements accurately is key to success when making DIY lighting.

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