What are the Best Tips for Child Support Collection?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
Papers about paying child support.
Papers about paying child support.

One of the best child support collection tips for those seeking payment is to maintain a cordial relationship with the absent parent. Try to develop a payment agreement privately first. Then, use child support enforcement services only if necessary. Avoid basing the need to pay on unrelated factors, such as intimacy, and avoid the urge to be greedy and vindictive.

Although many people may agree that nothing should affect whether or not a person cares for his child, the relationship between the parents often plays a significant role. People have a tendency to act based on negative attitudes or allow unrelated personal feelings interfere with the manner in which they deal with child support collection. It is often much easier if the parent who seeks the funds puts forth effort to maintain a cordial relationship with the parent who is supposed to pay. This means avoiding counterproductive habits such as refusing visitation based on missed payments or seeking payments only when the other parent refuses offers of intimacy.

Child support collection efforts often become difficult because the person who must pay believes he is giving more than necessary. When people are in a relationship, they tend to discuss financial matters. Yet, when those relationships fail and there is a child involved, the situation often changes to a series of demands and attitudes of entitlement. Child support collection is generally easier if the parent receiving the funds continues to treat the other parent as a partner with regards to the child. She can do this by discussing major expenses and not being secretive about the use of the funds she is provided.

Greed can make child support collection efforts difficult. Some parents seek increasing payments every time they become aware that the other parent has an increase in income. While the law often accommodates this behavior, it can have adverse effects. When a person is paying a sufficient amount to care for his child, the urge to seek more and more simply because it is possible should be avoided.

Some people rush to child support collection agencies and open cases without attempting to work with the other parent independently. This can also be counterproductive because many people will become uncooperative simply because they were not given the opportunity to handle the situation privately. Furthermore, agencies often have formulas for child support that may not be practical. If a person becomes overburdened and faces consequences such as wage garnishment or driver's license suspension, he may completely stop paying. It is generally best to try to work out child support arrangements privately at first and seek agency assistance only if these efforts are unsuccessful.

If it is necessary to seek the assistance of a child support collection agency, be prepared. These agencies are generally overwhelmed and the processing of a case can be drastically slower when the necessary information is not provided. It is best to get a list of required items from the agency ahead of time and make sure everything is available ahead of any appointments. This may require a bit of work since it is likely that information about the other parent such as home and work addresses may be needed.

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    • Papers about paying child support.
      By: Hedgehog
      Papers about paying child support.