What Are the Best Tips for Buying Cologne?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
A bottle of cologne.
A bottle of cologne.

Before buying cologne, purchasers should take the time to sample different scents, compare prices, and find out if they can get more for their money via special gift-with-purchase deals. Purchasers should also consider the types of scents that the wearer likes before making a selection. It is also important to avoid buying cologne from discount outlets or companies that specialize in selling cheap cologne, as these businesses sometimes sell old or even counterfeit products. While it is easy to sniff various types of cologne at a store, many fashion magazines for both men and women include cologne samples in each issue. Collecting and trying out such samples can be a great way for shoppers to find out if they like a scent before buying it.

For many people, the most important factor in buying a cologne is finding a scent that the wearer both likes and enjoys wearing. Another consideration is whether the wearer's spouse or significant other also likes the scent. The various notes or scents that a cologne contains can typically be classified according to type. For example, there are colognes that smell primarily of spicy notes, while others may be more floral. When purchasing cologne as a gift for someone else, it can be helpful to ask the person if he prefers a specific scent category.

As scent can be a very personal matter, trying out a cologne before buying a full bottle is a good way to avoid wasting money on a product that won't be used. If possible, the wearer should obtain a sample and wear it for a full day before making a purchase. This is because a person's own chemistry can cause a scent to smell differently on him or her than it does in a bottle. The qualities of a cologne can also transform as it is worn during the day, so it can be helpful to have some experience with one or more scents before actually buying cologne.

Ideally, scent shoppers should do some research on prices before buying cologne. Some retailers may offer discounted prices, while others may offer the opportunity to receive special promotional items, such as a travel-size bottle of cologne, dusting powder, or scented body lotion, with a purchase. If the buyer likes these items, the gift-with-purchase package can make expensive cologne a better value.

Buyers should be aware that some companies specialize in selling scents that are of low quality. The poor quality of these scents can be attributed to a couple of factors. The cologne may simply be very old, or it is counterfeit. Fake colognes can, in some cases, even be dangerous to wear, as they may include chemicals that can trigger a rash. When buying cologne, consumers should be wary of highly discounted products and should examine designer cologne packaging. If the packaging appears to be shoddy, with misspelled words on the label, this can be a sign that its contents are not genuine.

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    • A bottle of cologne.
      A bottle of cologne.