What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Tanning Bed?

Patti Kate

When buying a tanning bed, you may have the option of buying a brand new, refurbished, or used model. Consider the pros and cons of buying a new versus used or refurbished tanning bed. Buying a tanning bed from a reputable manufacturer is a must, and you can do so online or from a local dealer or independent seller. Consider where you will place the machine, as some models can require a lot of space. Buying a tanning bed that doesn't include a warranty is risky, and you might also consider purchasing an extended warranty as well.

A lightly tanned woman.
A lightly tanned woman.

Health issues with tanning beds have been a major concern for many consumers, although educating yourself can help you make the best choice. Research all you can regarding the safety and benefits of tanning beds. You should also read consumer reviews and base your decision on customer satisfaction. Before buying a tanning bed, inquire about the type of lighting and bulbs the machine uses. Emission of radiation from certain types of light bulbs can be harmful, so be sure this is not a factor.

A tanning bed.
A tanning bed.

If you buy a used or refurbished tanning bed, you could save some money. While the savings could be considerable, you might be compromising quality or obtaining defective merchandise. If the tanning bed is refurbished, be sure it has been thoroughly tested to ensure everything is in good working order. Buying a used machine from an independent seller may be more risky. Sanitary issues could be a concern, as can flaws that might be easily concealed.

Don't buy a poorly constructed tanning bed made with inferior materials. Typically, metal and steel construction will be the most durable and should withstand frequent tanning use. Buying a tanning bed is an investment, therefore look for one that is likely to last for several years.

Look for optional features such as convenient tanning timers or a mode that adjusts for cooling down. Lamps, bulbs, and other tanning accessories should be easy to replace. Be sure you can purchase replacement parts directly from the manufacturer to save time and effort.

Any used tanning bed you consider needs to be thoroughly checked for cosmetic and mechanical defects. Try it out before you buy it, and get some kind of written guarantee. If any tanning bed parts fail to operate correctly, be sure you can get a full refund or exchange. This rule should apply to new tanning beds as well.

Opting for a used tanning bed can be a cheaper way to purchase a high-end, high-quality tanning bed.
Opting for a used tanning bed can be a cheaper way to purchase a high-end, high-quality tanning bed.

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