What Are the Best Tips for Buying a New Flute?

Misty Amber Brighton

If you are interested in learning to play the flute, choosing the right one is essential. When you are buying a new flute, it is helpful to try out several models so you will be able to compare them to each other. Taking a friend along to listen to you is a smart idea because she can tell you how each instrumental ensemble sounds. Ask the dealer about the return policy, and if the music shop also does repairs this could be an added bonus.

When shopping for a flute, it's wise to test out several models before buying the instrument.
When shopping for a flute, it's wise to test out several models before buying the instrument.

The type of new flute you buy can largely depend on your musical ability and the type of playing you might do. Talk to an instrument dealer and explain your goals and experience so he can recommend models that might meet your needs. Play several different flutes to see how various ones feel. Pay attention to the lip plate, size of the mouth hole, and pads to see if these are comfortable for you. Ask shop employees or a trusted friend to give you feedback as you are doing this so you will know when you have found an instrument that sounds good as well.

Finding out about different manufacturers can help you choose a new flute. Some flute makers are known for producing quality products, while others may have a reputation for substandard instruments. A good quality solo flute may cost a bit more than a used flute but could also last longer and need fewer repairs than cheaper models.

Knowing how a new flute might be repaired could also help you decide on a model. Ask the sales associate if the shop offers repair services so you will know if it will be easy to fix your instrument should you ever have problems with it. They may also offer a loaner model for you to use while your instrument is being repaired unless the flute only needs simple adjustments. Sending your equipment back to the manufacturer could be time-consuming and may interrupt the learning process, so this should be avoided whenever possible.

You may decide you do not like your new flute after you have played it for a little while. This musical instrument can be very expensive, so you want to make sure you are not stuck playing a flute you are unhappy with. Knowing what the store's return policy is up front can save you a great deal of hassle should you change your mind once you bring the instrument home.

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