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What Are the Best Tips for Buying a New Coupe?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Buying a new coupe often starts with determining what kind of car the driver wants. A high performance sports coupe can be quite expensive, while a mid-range coupe may be less expensive and even roomier. It helps to make a list of priorities, as well as a list of features the driver wants, needs, and can't live without. Narrowing one's search down to a few models can be done by eliminating new coupe models that are out of the buyer's price range, inadequate for meeting the driver's needs for space or performance, and so on.

Once the search for a new coupe has been narrowed down, it is important to do as much research as possible about the few models left on the list. The buyer should try to find out warranty information, any recalls that have been made on the vehicle, performance specifications, and so on. This research will help the buyer understand more about the car when he or she goes to test ride the vehicle, and it can even help the buyer negotiate a better purchase price with the dealership.

A new coupe will likely come with a CD player.
A new coupe will likely come with a CD player.

The test drive and inspection is perhaps the most important step when buying a new coupe. The buyer should take note of the features included with the car, such as heated seats, premium leather seats, cruise control, CD and mp3 players, and so on. The buyer should also take note of the components included with the new coupe, including tires, engine components, suspension, braking systems, and so on. Some models of cars come with different trim options, meaning the specific components and features can vary according to the price range of the vehicle. It is important to take note of what the buyer gets for his or her money, and to decide on upgrades accordingly.

During the test drive of the new coupe, the driver will need to pay attention to many things at once, so if at all possible, it is best to take an extended test drive through different driving conditions. The driver should pay attention to handling and steering capabilities, braking efficiency, and the speed and torque of the car. He or she should also take note of the overall comfort level of the car's interior. Many coupes feature only two front seats, while others feature a small back seat as well. The driver should be sure to test out the back seat after the test drive for comfort and functionality.

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    • A new coupe will likely come with a CD player.
      By: eldadcarin
      A new coupe will likely come with a CD player.