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What are the Best Tips for Buying a Hot Tub?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

There are several things to consider before buying a hot tub, especially if this is a first-time purchase. When shopping for a hot tub, the buyer should make an educated decision as to which reputable dealer to buy from, and what purpose the spa will be used for. Size of the hot tub may be a major consideration as well. The levels of intensity are something to consider, and may be determined by how many pumps are utilized. Price may be another crucial factor for many individuals.

Before committing to buying a hot tub, the prospective buyer should educate himself. Construction and materials used in building a spa may vary greatly. Whether choosing electrical parts or manual, the shopper should weigh the pros and cons. Electrical parts may be more cost effective. These are typically easier to maintain and locate replacement parts for, should the need arise.

A hot tub.
A hot tub.

Getting a good idea for how the hot tub will feel once it is full of water should be a priority before deciding. The jets should be tested for pressure levels and massage intensity. Because everyone's preferences tend to differ, what feels great to one individual may not feel so good to another. Allowing oneself a good 30 minutes or longer in the water is a good way to know if it is the right model to select.

Buying a hot tub should not be done on a whim. The buyer should be sure to get all of his questions answered to his satisfaction. Some basic questions to ask should be how to maintain, repair, and clean the unit. One should also inquire about what type of chemicals the hot tub will require. Some require the use of chlorine.

When buying a hot tub the individual should know exactly where he wishes to place it. Taking measurements of the designated spot is essential. With that in mind, size of the hot tub itself is another important factor. If the spa will be used for entertaining, it will probably need to hold more people than if it is meant for only two.

Efficiency should be considered as well. Some models will cost considerably more money to operate. This is why inquiring about cost efficiency and comparing several models is a good idea. Typically, a larger model may require more energy to operate, therefore be more costly in the long run.

If concerned about the use of chemicals in the water, a good investment may be a hot tub that comes equipped with an ozenator. An ozenator will help to stabilize the water's purity without having to rely solely on chemicals. Buying a hot tub without an ozenator may cost less, but chemicals will need to be replaced more often.

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of buying a hot tub is the warranty. Not only should the length of time involved in warranty coverage be considered, but the warranty needs to be thoroughly examined. Some warranties may offer a limited parts and labor coverage, while others offer significantly more.

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    • A hot tub.
      By: Goran Bogicevic
      A hot tub.