What Are the Best Tips for Body Strengthening?

Kaiser Castro

Body strengthening exercises are designed to improve joint flexibility in the lower and upper body. Some of the best tips for body strengthening including choosing exercises like calisthenics and compound exercises — like pull-ups, crunches, and push-ups — that will encourage muscle growth. The exercise ball is a versatile tool that can improve the health of the muscles in several ways, including improving stability and definition. Someone interested in strengthening his or her body should also consider the importance of getting enough protein in the diet, as well as the benefits of vitamin supplements.

Doing push-ups can help strengthen the upper body.
Doing push-ups can help strengthen the upper body.

Proper exercise is an important aspect of body strengthening. Calisthenics are exercises that use minimal equipment; squats and pushups, for example, require no additional equipment. The exercise ball is a tool that can improve the tone of core muscles. Not only will it help to work out the muscle fibers, but a ball can also help improve coordination, decrease lower back pain, and add a challenging aspect to traditional pushups and squats.

Crunches and lunges can be combined to create a cardio strength training exercise.
Crunches and lunges can be combined to create a cardio strength training exercise.

Strenuous exercises will create micro-tears on the walls of the muscles, which will result in stronger, reinforced muscle fibers. A common misconception some exercise enthusiasts have is that more exercise will equate to more muscle gain. This is not necessarily true, for muscles need adequate rest to recover and become stronger. Excessive body strengthening exercises can actually interfere with the muscle building process; it is recommended that a rest of up to 24 to 48 hours be provided after completing muscle strengthening exercises.

There are several vitamins that may help shorten this rest period, with some being able to increase protein synthesis. Vitamin A can stabilize, and even increase the secretion of testosterone, a hormone that promotes muscle growth; cod liver oil and beef are good sources of vitamin A. Vitamin B12, or biotin, helps provide energy to the muscles and improves the signals from the brain to the various muscle groups. This vitamin is readily available in most meats.

Vegetarians have a unique set of challenges if they are beginning a body strengthening regimen, for most health guides will highlight the importance of meat consumption. Eggs, either scrambled, poached, or boiled can be a protein substitute for breakfast, for those who eat them. Tofu and other soy products, which are usually a hallmark of a vegetarian diet, can be a much needed source of amino acids. Nuts, almond butter, and the occasional handful of walnuts are also viable sources of protein.

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