What are the Best Tips for Bedroom Decorating?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Decorating a bedroom is not as difficult as many people attempt to make the task. There are essentially three issues to address. Once these three decorating ideas or issues are given adequate consideration, the room will easily begin to come together. If you are not sure how to move forward with your bedroom decorating project, give this basic formula a try.

Scale and lighting add to a bedroom's look.
Scale and lighting add to a bedroom's look.

Your first key point with effective bedroom decorating is to address the issue of function. All too often, people attempt to make a bedroom into a mini-living room rather than a space to settle in and enjoy much needed rest. Keep your eye trained on this central function, and banish any elements that would interfere with your sleep. This means keep television, computers, and other distractions out of the space. If an element is not conducive to sleep, it has no place in the room.

Maintaining a focus on function is essential to bedroom decorating.
Maintaining a focus on function is essential to bedroom decorating.

Function will also influence the choice of furniture and accessories for the space. If two children will occupy the room, you may find it necessary to use bunk beds in order to make the best use of available floor space. For an adult who works nights, outfitting the windows with draperies that block out sunlight and also muffle exterior noises will be a must. Unless your bedroom decorating makes the room practical for use, it really doesn’t matter how striking the furnishings happen to be, or if the space looks fit for a magazine cover.

Within the broad category of function, also consider practical matters such as a mattress that is comfortable but also gives your body the support it needs. This will minimize the chances of waking up with an aching back or neck. Your selection of bedding should also be practical in terms of keeping you warm at night, but not too warm. If you live in a climate where thick comforters are too much during sleeping hours, go with a simple bedspread instead. You can always add blankets if necessary.

In the course of pursuing function, you also want to pay attention to scale. All too often, people choose to buy beds and other major pieces of furniture that are too large for a bedroom. While the design of the oversized furniture may be quite attractive, it will look terrible when crammed into a small bedroom. Furnishings that are out of scale for the space will also make it difficult to move around the room freely, thus impairing the function of the bedroom. Always make sure your selections will fit into the room in a harmonious fashion and do not force you to turn sideways in order to squeeze in between the dresser and the foot of the bed in order to reach the window.

The third key element in bedroom decorating has to do with color. While you may enjoy hot colors, keep in mind that one of the reasons you like reds, oranges and neon greens is that those types of colors stimulate you. If your goal is to get to sleep, you don’t need stimulation. Go with muted or cool colors in the bedroom, since they tend to encourage your mind to settle down and be quiet. A soothing color palette is almost as important as a comfortable mattress and the right amount of bedding to keep you warm while you sleep.

By keeping function, color, and scale in mind as you engage in bedroom decorating, it is possible to come up with a room design that will work for just about anyone. You will select the right bedroom furniture for an adult or kids’ bedroom design, and make the space into all it can be. Take your time, assess your needs, then get to work. Whether decorating from scratch or redecorating a bedroom, you will find things come together much faster when you follow this basic interior decorating formula.

Muted or cool colors in a bedroom help encourage calm and sleep.
Muted or cool colors in a bedroom help encourage calm and sleep.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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One of the cheapest ways to change your bedroom decorating theme without spending a lot of money is to change the pillows on your bed. Your bed is usually the focal point of the room and you can change the whole look of the room just by the colors and fabric of pillows you use.

There really aren't any right or wrong ways to do this. It just depends on what your style and tastes are. Something that is pleasing to you might not be what somebody else likes, but this is your private retreat, so decorate it the way you like it and feel comfortable with.


For many years it seemed my bedroom was only big enough for a bed and a dresser - maybe two dressers if I was lucky. I didn't have any extra space to think about much bedroom decor. I always wanted some type of sitting chair of small love seat in my bedroom.

I finally had a room big enough to put a recliner and have found that I really enjoy it. It helps to sit down sometimes to get dressed, but I really love curling up with a good book. There are times that I want a quiet place to read, but don't want to be in bed, so this is a perfect solution.


One of my best decorating tips is to choose a color of paint that will go with many different themes. Since I don't like to paint very well, I would rather change the theme of my bedding than I would repaint the walls.

I like to have different bedding for the colder and warmer seasons, so I change my bedding at least twice a year. Selecting a paint color that is neutral and goes with many different bedding colors has saved me a lot of headaches.

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