What are the Best Tips for Awning Cleaning?

Misty Amber Brighton

When performing awning cleaning, leaves should first be removed from the roof and any nearby gutters. Homeowners should take care to remove debris from the awning with a long-handled broom. A solution of mild detergent and water is all that is normally needed to scrub most coverings. A power washer should only be used on aluminum or steel awnings, as it could damage awnings made from cloth.

Pine cones sometimes accumulate on awnings.
Pine cones sometimes accumulate on awnings.

Before beginning to clean the awning surface, individuals should first remove leaves and debris from nearby rooftops and gutters. This is so that the leaves do not fall down onto the awning later. Clearing leaves and debris can also help awning cleaning be completed quicker, since people will not have to worry about the debris coming down on top of the awning when it is sprayed with a water hose.

Sweeping the top of an awning with a broom can help remove debris that may be difficult to remove with a garden hose. This can include cobwebs, leaves and pine cones. A homeowner may need to climb on a short ladder in order to make sure he reaches the back edge of the awning and ensure all the debris has been properly removed.

An awning can be scrubbed with a long-handled brush dipped in a solution of mild detergent and water. The solution should not contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. The surface of the awning should be scrubbed in a semi-circular direction until there is a moderate amount of suds. In some cases, awning cleaning may not remove all stains, so some sections may need to have repeated cleanings.

After washing with detergent, the awning can be rinsed with a water hose. A power washer is not recommended for cloth because the pressure can actually cause dirt and grime to become more deeply embedded, or cause fibers to weaken. All suds should be thoroughly removed before allowing the cloth awning to completely dry. If it still appears dirty, the awning can be cleaned again with the detergent in order to remove any remaining filth.

Awning cleaning should usually be done at least once a year. This process normally takes only a short amount of time to complete and does not require any special equipment in order to do. Having freshly scrubbed awnings can improve the overall appearance of a home, and might even allow the awnings to last longer. For these reasons, homeowners should consider this task a part of their regular outdoor maintenance.

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