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What Are the Best Tips for Attic Cooling?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

One of the best tips for attic cooling is to ensure proper ventilation. Landscaping with shade trees is another idea for keeping a home attic cool. In addition, the installation of a proper roof may help with attic cooling. To prevent heat build up in the attic, it's a good idea to choose roofing materials that allow air penetration, while avoiding dark colored materials that absorb heat. Installing an efficient cooling system, such as the use of solar attic fans, may also help ensure attic cooling.

If the attic does not have proper ventilation, extremely high temperatures may penetrate into the lower level of the home, resulting in high monthly electric bills. Additionally, the excess heat may damage roofing material and siding to the home. Installing the proper types of vents may reduce heat in the attic, thus helping to keep a home energy efficient and preventing maintenance repairs.

The roof plays a large role in attic cooling.
The roof plays a large role in attic cooling.

Attic intake vents may be a good solution for homes without side eaves or soffits. Another way to provide attic cooling and insulation is by using a solar generated intake booster vent. The advantage of using this type of boosting system is that no electricity is needed, as it is powered by the energy of the sun. It may also be a good idea to install vents under the eaves of the roof, if possible.

Although some may not realize the significance, outdoor landscaping that includes a well-placed shade tree may minimize the damaging effects of the sun. Planting large trees near the sides of the home may help shade the attic and the roof from extreme heat. This may also help prevent warping to the roof shingles. In addition, there are shading devices that can be installed on the exterior of the home to block the sun and help promote attic cooling.

Choosing the proper materials for the roof of a home may also help reduce heat in the attic. For those uncertain of which roof materials work best for attic cooling, it may be best to consult a contractor. The color of the roof may also play a role in heat reduction and energy efficiency. Although a light colored roof may not always coordinate with the exterior style of the home, it may reflect heat better than darker colors.

Solar attic fans may be a good choice for attic cooling. A quality attic fan system may also help reduce heat distribution to the entire home, if properly installed. Additionally, a high quality solar attic fan may reduce the effects of condensation and prevent the growth of mold. Solar attic fans are typically mounted on the roof of a home, although some are designed to be interior mounted.

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    • The roof plays a large role in attic cooling.
      By: Glen Jones
      The roof plays a large role in attic cooling.