What are the Best Sources of Tax Return Help?

Tara Barnett

There are many different sources for tax return help, although when and how someone must file her tax return varies by country. Online sources are often able to provide general instructions for filing a tax return, which may be enough help for simple cases. Tax return help is often available for a price from various companies that work specifically with taxes. Free tax return help is usually available for people with low income from volunteers who have been trained to file tax returns correctly. In special cases, a person who works for a school or a person's employers may be able to offer free tax return help as well.

Most regular employees in the US need a W-2 to complete their tax returns.
Most regular employees in the US need a W-2 to complete their tax returns.

Many people find that simple instructions available online or in paper form provide enough information to file a tax return correctly. Often, these sources are searchable and can be used to answer specific questions. They do not, however, have the ability to answer complicated questions directly. As such, many people find the need to seek personal assistance.

Those with low incomes may qualify for free online tax return help.
Those with low incomes may qualify for free online tax return help.

There are many organizations that provide tax return help for a fee, and these services can save significant amounts of time and money for complicated tax returns. Some people find that using a tax return program is also effective, although these may be as expensive as hiring a professional to do the job. When looking for tax return help from a professional, it is a good idea to get a recommendation from a person who has used the service personally. If a person can afford it and is unable to file a tax return independently, using a professional may be the best option.

For free tax return help, there are usually several options that may be available, depending on a person’s finances. Many people, often associated with universities and other organizations, volunteer to help those who may have more difficulty than others filing their taxes. Using a free service with trained volunteers can help get the most out of a tax return and can help avoid problems associated with filing incorrectly. Lists of free services are often available from governmental websites and libraries.

In unusual situations, a school or company may provide tax return help to people associated with the institution. Colleges, for example, often have a professional available to help students learn how to file a tax return in the first place. Companies sometimes offer tax return assistance as a benefit for employees, as the company would like to see employees retain as much money as possible. Asking coworkers and friends can sometimes reveal unusual sources of help when filing tax returns.

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