What are the Best Sources of Herpes Relief?

Felicia Dye

A person can get herpes relief by using topical treatments. For those who prefer medication, there are several options available by prescription only. Getting support and reducing stress are also believed to be important factors for those seeking relief.

A water blister caused by herpes type 1.
A water blister caused by herpes type 1.

One option for herpes relief is topical treatment. There are some treatments designed for the genital area and others designed for the face. Some of these products may be used interchangeably.

Topical creams and gels often provide effective relief for herpes simplex 1 symptoms.
Topical creams and gels often provide effective relief for herpes simplex 1 symptoms.

Topical treatments are often made of herbal concoctions that are supposed to kill the virus on contact. When a person has a site where the herpes virus is active, resulting in an outbreak, she may apply such a treatment directly. Sometimes, especially when the main active ingredients are essential oils, the treatment is placed at another site on the body where it is supposed to penetrate into the blood stream and travel to attack the virus.

Topical herpes treatments are often marketed as being beneficial in several ways. To begin with, they are supposed to drastically shorten the length of a breakout and to prevent it from spreading. Additionally, many claim to reduce the frequency of breakouts.

There are also prescription medications available to provide herpes relief. This type of treatment is also supposed to accomplish several things. First, they can be used to suppress the virus, which should reduce the frequency of breakouts. This may require daily consumption for an extended period of time.

Prescription medications can also provide immediate herpes relief. Once an active site is healed, a person may choose to discontinue taking the medicine. Additionally, this type of treatment is supposed to shorten the length of breakouts.

For emotional herpes relief, a person can seek help online. There are numerous chat rooms and forums designed specifically to provide support for people dealing with this virus. There are also dating sites that aim to connect people with herpes, which can be a very beneficial resource for those who fear their status makes them destined for loneliness.

One reason emotional relief and support are important is because there is a strong connection between herpes outbreaks and stress. Some medical professionals believe stress is among the top causes for outbreaks and that people who are stressed experience their symptoms longer. People looking for herpes relief need to do the best they can to stay emotionally and mentally balanced for the sake of their health.

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