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What are the Best Shrubs for my Zone?

Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter

When choosing the best shrubs for your home, it is important to choose shrubs that are made to grow in your zone. Picking shrubs that will survive in your zone is the best way to have a healthy and strong garden. It is sometimes possible to protect a shrub from extremes in the weather so that it will survive in an area that it is not acclimated for, but it will be more stressed and less likely to bloom and grow as it should.

The first step toward choosing the best shrubs for your zone is to determine what zone you are in. Contact your state’s Extension Office if you aren’t sure what your zone is. Extension Services are typically affiliated with the larger state universities and provide many valuable services. Their advice is often free. They can probably even tell you some shrubs that perform particularly well in your area.

Lilac blooms in several different zones.
Lilac blooms in several different zones.

Once you know what zone you are in you are ready to select the best shrubs for that zone. One beautiful shrub that works well in a variety of zones is the lilac. Lilacs are hardy as far north as zone three and as far south as zone seven. They have wonderfully fragrant blooms that will add aroma to the garden. The blooms are easy to cut as well, and you can bring them into the house.

Butterfly bushes require a little warmer weather. They are hardy from zones five to nine. They are one of the best shrubs for late summer color. They bloom later than many other shrubs and their delicate scent attracts butterflies to your yard. They grow up to ten feet (3 meters) tall, and make a good choice if you want a screen between your home and your neighbors.

Mock orange is another shrub that can handle a wide range of temperatures. Hardy from zone three to eight, mock orange blooms late in the spring. It has a sweet smell and makes an excellent addition to bouquets.

Chokeberry is a versatile plant. Is may be the best shrub for people who want four seasons of beauty from their garden. The chokeberry, which is hardy from zones three to seven, blooms with clusters of white flowers in the spring. In the fall, its waxy, green leaves change to vibrant shades of purple and red. The chokeberry develops dark blue fruit in the summer, which remain on the plant through the winter, providing food for birds.

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    • Lilac blooms in several different zones.
      By: Diana Taliun
      Lilac blooms in several different zones.