What are the Best Methods for Watering Trees?

Daniel Liden
Daniel Liden
It's important to make sure that young trees get enough water.
It's important to make sure that young trees get enough water.

Many people plant trees in their yards or on their property because of their aesthetic appeal, the shade they provide, or out of a desire to help the environment. Trees are an essential part of the Earth's environment, as they filter carbon monoxide out of the air and release oxygen. Trees also require a good deal of care, particularly when they are planted in areas that they are not native to. Watering trees, in particular, is an essential part of taking care of trees as trees, just like people, need water to survive. It is necessary to ensure that trees, especially young trees, get enough but not too much water.

Trees suffer many different negative effects from lack of water. Their leaves begin to wilt and turn yellow, and the trees become more susceptible to plant diseases and attacks from insects. As such, watering trees on a regular basis is important. Trees should be watered according to a set schedule to guarantee that they always have enough water. Keeping such a schedule is a great watering method that guarantees, especially during dry times, that the trees have enough water.

The most important aspect of watering trees is ensuring that the tree's roots get enough water but not too much. Watering trees can be a slow process; one must ensure that the water has time to soak into the ground. Hoses, watering cans, or automated irrigation devices can be used to water trees; the water should be spread evenly around the base of the tree so that it soaks down to the roots. If the water does not soak into the ground and pools around the base of the tree, the ground around the tree is saturated with water and one should cease watering that particular tree. Too much water can be harmful to a tree.

There are many different methods of watering that can be used for trees. Watering cans provide precise control over the amount of water used and are good for use with sensitive trees, but need to be refilled often and can be inconvenient. Hoses provide large amounts of water and can make the job of watering trees go by quite quickly, but they can be too powerful and can damage young trees or flood their roots. Some hose attachments are ideal for watering trees, and provide a steady amount of water that guarantee that the tree has enough to go on without flooding the roots.

Sprinkler systems are effective choices for watering trees because they require little attention and time. One must simply turn them on and they will provide a constant supply of water over an area until they are turned off. They can even be set to a timer, which eliminates nearly all of the effort. Drip irrigation, which slowly drips water to the roots of trees, is a very efficient method that takes little labor and ensures a very even distribution of water. It can, however, be very expensive to set up.

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    • It's important to make sure that young trees get enough water.
      By: pyzata
      It's important to make sure that young trees get enough water.