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What Are the Best Long Curly Hairstyles for round Faces?

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh

Long curly hairstyles for round faces help elongate the facial features, which can be a good thing for those with round faces. Round faces are generally as wide as they are long, which can create an appearance that is not always flattering with the wrong haircut. Choosing long curly hairstyles for round faces does not have to be a challenge, as this type of face shape works well with long hair. Simple longer styles work best and do not require as much work as more complicated styles, and bangs do not usually work very well with curly hair without a lot of upkeep. Keeping long curly hair healthy and shiny is also important for creating a hairstyle women will be happy with.

Hair should be kept relatively simple when deciding upon long curly hairstyles for round faces. A few long layers near the ends of the hair can add movement and texture to the hair, but the layers should not be cut too far above the shoulders. Choosing to part the hair on one side or the other during the haircut provides curly hair with definition. Bangs should be minimal, if cut at all, to avoid a frizzy mess at the front of the face and to help with the illusion of elongation that long hair provides a round face. The ends of the hair should be trimmed regularly, every six weeks, to keep the ends from splitting.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Round faces also look good with long hair that is worn in a half-way up style with pieces of curly hair that frame the face. Hair can be pulled partially back from the face and secured with multiple bobby pins, leaving a few curls around the face to elongate the roundness of the features. The hair can also be pulled entirely into an up-do as long as there are a few pieces left down in the front.

Hair products and proper haircare are important for keeping long curly hairstyles for round faces healthy and shiny. An anti-frizz cream should be applied to the hair before it is styled and deep conditioning treatments done every week. This will keep the haircut looking fresh for longer periods of time between cuts. Long curly hair should not be shampooed every day to avoid frizz, but rather every two to three days, and followed by a cool water rinse to keep the cuticles closed.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip