What Are the Best Ideas for Homemade Body Butter?

Amber Eberle

Body butter is a type of thick lotion that can be used to moisturize the skin. There are many types available for purchase in retail stores, but it is not difficult to make homemade body butter. Making it at home ensures that the person creating the butter knows exactly what ingredients are being used, which is important for people who have very sensitive skin. Many homemade body butter recipes call for only four or five natural ingredients, the use of a microwave or double boiler, and a hand-held stick blender. When making body butter any type of fragrance oil may be added to give it a scent.

Coconut oil is a popular oil to use in body butter.
Coconut oil is a popular oil to use in body butter.

The base of many homemade body butter recipes is either shea butter or cocoa butter, or a combination of both of them. Other natural butters that may be used include mango and kokum butters. Some recipes also call for beeswax. All of these ingredients have moisturizing properties, and may improve the elasticity of the skin. These items can usually be purchased in bulk from specialty retailers, and organic products are generally highly recommended.

Homemade body butters often include cocoa butter.
Homemade body butters often include cocoa butter.

Carrier oils are a key component of homemade body butter, and a number of them may be used depending on skin type. Avocado oil has many nutrients and works very well on skin that suffers from eczema or psoriasis. Apricot kernel and coconut oils are usually recommended for sensitive skin. Almond oil can be used for all skin types. Most body butter recipes require only a small amount of this kind of oil.

Homemade body butter requires combining the natural butter with the carrier oils and any other ingredients included in the recipe. This is typically done by gently melting the ingredients together in a double boiler or in a microwave. While melting, the ingredients should never come to a boil. After all ingredients are melted together, a hand-held stick blender can be used to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Using a this type of blender gives the body butter a smooth and light consistency.

During the blending stage fragrance oils may be added to the homemade body butter to give it a specific scent. A variety of oils are available, which can make the body butter smell floral, citrusy, or fruity. Fragrance oil is very strong, so a batch of body butter usually only requires the addition of a small amount of the oil. The finished body butter can be stored in any type of container that has a sealed lid. Making body butter with natural ingredients is ideal for everyday use on the skin.

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